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At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Started engine at 8:30. Anchor up, over to other side of harbor, anchor down by 8:50 at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada. Safer place to leave the boat while I'm gone, in case we get heavy weather. But now I have to watch how the boat swings near the neighbors, and make sure the anchor settles in.

In early afternoon, pulled secondary anchor chain out onto deck, coiled it nicely, put anchor on top. So if a hurricane comes while I'm away, I can call someone and have them put out the anchor for me.

Later, detached rope from primary anchor chain, took it to stern deck, shackled it to the third anchor, so that's ready for someone to deploy if necessary. Then realized I'd forgotten to add a length of chain to it, so did that.

Ashore in midafternoon, for yoga and a walk. Hot.

In bright sunshine, running laptop and inverter and refrigerator, my solar panels aren't keeping up with the load. I think one of my panels has died, so I'd be getting 7A instead of 14A. Will have to deal with it when I get back to the boat in July.

Gave myself more of a haircut. Very short.

Grapefruit and salad and leftover spaghetti and a rum-and-dietcola for dinner.

No wind in this part of the harbor, and my batteries got very low during the night. Fortunately my refrigerator is just about empty; I've been eating up everything in preparation for flying out on Wednesday.

Up several times during the night to look for the lunar eclipse and "blood moon". Suddenly at 2:30, there it was, half of the full moon eclipsed. Moon off to the W or WSW of me. A planet showing near the moon, too. At 2:45, about 80% eclipsed, can see the rest of the moon glowing faintly. At 2:50, about 90% eclipsed. By 3:05, 99% eclipsed, just a little sliver of sunlight at the lower edge of the moon. And then thick slow clouds came over and wiped out the view for the entire rest of the night. Typical. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Cloudy and still morning, and rolly. Then sunny and less rolly.

Went ashore in time for the shopping bus, but didn't get on it. Gave Dick EC$5 and asked him to buy me a couple of apples to eat on the plane tomorrow. Gave George a note about picking me up tomorrow morning to take me to the airport. Into the marina office ot use the book-exchange, and there are two Barcelona/Catalunya guidebooks ! That's where I'll be in about 2 weeks. They're slightly old, 1998 and 2003, but that's okay. Back to the boat.

Started packing. Put more plastic over anchor-windlass hole in foredeck.

Dick still not back from shopping bus by 2:45 ! Expected him back by 12:30 or so. What happened ?

Wetn ashore around 4, and there was Dick at the dinghy-dock. Apparently he came back on th elate bus, his outboard wouldn't start, so he had a long late lunch in the marina restaurant, then his outboard still wouldn't start. As I arrived, someone was coming to tow him out to his boat.

Did yoga and took a walk. Out to Dick's boat and picked up my apples, then to my boat.

Hauled outboard up off the dinghy and into the cockpit. Hoisted and stowed dinghy. Cleared jugs off deck.

Salad and yogurt and cheese sandwiches and a rum-and-dietcola for dinner.

Various packing and stowing things, getting ready to leave tomorrow. Have to remember things to take to Barcelona, decide what to wear on the flights, etc. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Finished packing and stowing stuff. Picked up by George before 5:45. Off to airport, paid him EC$60, changed clothes, checked in, through security by 6:45. Power and Wi-Fi in the gate area.

Landed at Miami around 11:35, walked and walked to get to Immigration, then did baggage and Customs. Walked and sky-train and walked to get to connecting gate by 12:45, and my laptop AC adapter is gone ! Must have fallen out of my bag in the plane and got kicked away under a seat somewhere. And I specifically checked to see if anything had fallen out; guess I didn't check hard enough.

No free Wi-Fi here.

As I board the flight to Philadelphia, saw the screen say it's 42F in Philly; I'm going to be cold.

On the flight, realized I should have checked to see if my adapter had been lost at the security checkpoint. But even that would have taken a while to get back to, from the gate.

Uneventful flight to Philadelphia. Got my suitcase, across street to train station, changed from sandals to sneakers-and-socks, waited 20 minutes for a train to 30th St Station. Free Wi-Fi there, as I expected; emailed my brother to tell him what train I'd be on. Then almost missed the train; got confused between trains to Trenton and West Trenton, both leaving at exactly the same time. Had to dash from one platform to the other at the last second, hauling my suitcase down and up stairs. Got to the right train just as the doors were closing, and stuck my carry-on bag in the gap to stop the door from closing and the train leaving. Everything stopped for 10 seconds, I heard someone on the platform behind me say something like "Oh, my", and then the doors opened again and I got on. Then someone got OFF through the door I had just entered; what was that about ?

My brother was at the W Trenton station when I arrived. Got to brother's townhouse around 7:45 PM.

Went online and ordered a new AC adapter for the laptop, to be delivered Friday. Boat's at at anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada; I'm in New Jersey, then Barcelona, then NJ again.

Opened up all the packages that were waiting for me: books, presents to take to Barcelona, clothes, new battery for camera, new MP3 players and earbuds.

Took Mom to lunch, then went to Walmart for more stuff: Easter candy, clothes, shoes, stuff to take to Barcelona.

Laptop AC adapter delivered; back in business.

Nice family gathering for Easter, at my sister's house.

After about 4 days of wearing sneakers, for first time in 9 months, developed a nasty broken blister on one toe. My feet are used to sandals or nothing.

Day after Easter, had bad headache, took acetaminophen for 24 hours or so, finally knocked it out with a sumatriptan. Headachey again the next day, took another sumatriptan. I think the pollen up here is affecting a lot of people, including me.

Had a bit of a scare with my Mom, who ended up in the hospital for several days having tests and getting her high blood-pressure reduced.

Nice Japanese-themed party at a sister's friend's house, to celebrate cherry blossom season.

Interesting: back in Grenada, in Prickly Bay, one of the key cruiser-restaurants is closing, fairly suddenly.

4/30: Off to airport to fly to Barcelona. Trip diary at my Barcelona Trip 2014 page.

6/25: back to NJ.

Received tilt bracket part for my outboard.
Watched lots of World Cup games.
Saw Mom, saw brother's family, dinner with my sister.
Bought tickets to go back to Barcelona in November thru January.

Looking into moving to Barcelona full-time: my Moving to Spain page.

7/3: starting trip back to Grenada.

Big thunderstorm went through around 7:30; we had similar previous evening. My brother drove me to the train station before 10 for a 10:07 train, but the train sat in the distance and didn't approach. My connecting time in Philadelphia is 21 minutes, to get the last train to the airport. We saw some tree-branches down on the way over here. When the train was 15 minutes late, an announcement came over the PA saying that there were "signalling problems". So my brother said "I'll drive you to the airport", and off we went. Very nice of him.

Got to the terminal by 11:10. Sign on the status board says train to airport isn't running; shuttle busses instead, on same schedule. So I probably would have missed the last shuttle bus anyway, in center-city Philadelphia.

No Wi-Fi while waiting. Ticketing opened at 3:45 or so. Announcement that trains still not running, only shuttles. To gate by 4:30, and Wi-Fi there.

Uneventful flight to Miami, into terminal around 8:45. No free Wi-Fi.

World Cup match playing on a couple of big screens in the terminal; watched one for a little while.

Uneventful flight to Grenada. But my taxi-driver isn't there to meet me. Had to wait about an hour and a half. One local guy offered me his cell-phone, but I couldn't get through to the driver. Finally he showed up; he was stuck behind some big accident on the road.

To boat around 10. All looks reasonable. Flashlight I left out works, so I was able to see to do the combination lock. Got inside, and had a few minutes of down "why do I live on a boat ?" feeling.

Just the basics: Checked boat to make sure nothing needed immediate attention. Batteries at 10.8V, which I expected. Made sure I had some water available to drink. Got the toilet working. To bed. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Up at 6:30. Dinghy tubes all are deflated. Unlocked the dinghy, pumped up the tube I can reach from deck, lowered it into the water, pumped up the other tubes.

Hauled outboard from cabin to stern deck. Replaced broken tilt-lock bracket (pics). Hauled outboard down into dinghy and clamped it onto the transom, with some oily water pouring out of the lower unit exhaust ports; haven't seen that before.

Had a powerbar, got water system working, shaved, and listened to cruiser's net while letting the oil in the outboard settle. Added oil to it, and tried to start it. No go. Checked plug, it's oily, cleaned it, still no go. Getting desperate; I need to get ashore in 15 minutes to catch a shopping bus. Then I noticed that the kill-cord is off. Installed it, pulled twice, outboard started and ran fine.

Added water to the batteries; some cells took a lot.

Ashore at 8:30. Dropped off propane tank to be refilled. Onto shopping van, and only 3 passengers today. Bought a bottle of water at Clarkes Court Bay marina, and I'm amazed to hear that a mega-marina-resort complex is going to be built here. To bakery, and had ham-and-cheese bun for breakfast. Downtown, to ATM, bought fruit and veggies in the open-air market, a few groceries in the supermarket. Back to boat by 11:45.

Bad news: getting almost no charging from the solar panels. Messed with wiring and fuse, couldn't get it working. System at 11.6V. So I can't turn on the refrigerator. Only a couple of groceries need any refrigeration; was wary of this. Getting a little from wind-generator every now and then, but I'm shadowed by a hill. Will have to try the engine later.

Ashore around 12:45, to see World Cup and do Wi-Fi. Propane tank has been refilled; that was quick ! Paid EC$100 for it (20 pounds).

Managed to smash my elbow into the propane tank while starting the outboard; hurt like hell, got a small cut. Back on boat around 4:15. A little headachey. Took an ibuprofen-plus.

At 4:50, got the engine ready, turned the key. The starting battery had just enough juice to start the engine; that's a relief ! Engine ran fine, charging the batteries, also charging some rechargeables for the clocks, and running the refrigerator. Ran engine for 30 minutes.

Salad and hotdogs-friedonions and a warm rum-and-cola for dinner. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Solar panel charging the batteries, system voltage up to 13.4V under no load. That's what I hoped, that charging the batteries with the engine would revive them enough for solar to do something. Still not running any loads; just want to let the batteries and solar work.

Turned on the refrigerator before 11, then went ashore. Stopped in at the jumble sale, chatted with a couple of people. Went for a walk. Back to the boat by noon, electrical working okay, system voltage 13.2 or so.

Stowed the second anchor's chain in the locker. Pulled in 10 feet or so of the primary chain.

Gave myself a haircut and a shave, then went snorkeling under the boat to scrape the prop and hull. Did a good long session, getting the job about 40% done. Then felt a lot of burning on my upper chest, something stinging me. Soon called it a day. Upper chest red and stinging a bit all evening.

Salad and chili and a warm rum-and-cola for dinner. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Grey morning, very little solar power.

Started engine at 9:20 and started pulling up the anchor from 30 feet of water. Heavy work. Got the chain vertical and couldn't budge it. Worked the boat back and forth, pulled in some more chain, looks like lots of wraps and kinks in the chain from the boat circling around while I was gone. Pulled and pulled, hot and sweaty, wary of straining my back.

Got the chain vertical and the anchor loose; I can motor around with the anchor dragging on the bottom. But I can't pull it up. Rain.

Finally got a little smart, and motored over to shallower water, 16 feet deep and grassy. Pulled in some more chain, motored out into deeper water, can hear the chain shifting and dropping as kinks work out. Back into shallow water twice more, almost nosing the bow into the mangroves a couple of times. Finally got the anchor up, more suddenly than I expected; maybe I've just forgotten how hard it is to pull up the anchor.

Motored across to W side of the harbor and anchor down by 10:35 at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada. Water a bit shallower here, now I know the anchor will come up, shorter ride to marina, and should get more wind-power over here. But I'm sweaty and wiped out; not going to go for exercise today, after this workout.

Ashore at 1 to do Wi-Fi. Several big squalls came through in next few hours.

Back aboard after 4:15 or so. Boat swinging a bit close to a dock; wind is more NE than I expected.

Salad and leftover chili and a warm rum-and-cola for dinner. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Ashore for shopping bus at 9:30. Realized I forgot to eat breakfast this morning. Out at the bank, walked to Marketing Board. To resort where I've exchanged books before, but today a guy at the front desk stopped me and said "for hotel guests only". To IGA and got groceries (new discount card not arrived after 8 months; old one still works). Watched some cricket on TV. Lots of cruisers today; had to wait for second van, at 11:15. To Marketing Board, to CK's, back to boat by noon-05.

In midafternoon, ashore for yoga and a walk. Marina bar/restaurant crowded and getting noisy as a World Cup game is about to start.

Salad and chicken-onion-rice-carrot and a rum-and-cola for dinner.

Plenty of wind; was able to run refrigerator all night. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Ashore at 1:30, and walked over to Prickly Bay for dominoes. Nice game, 15 people across 3 tables, and I came in 2nd overall. Amazed to hear that yesterday's World Cup game ended up 7-1, Germany over Brazil. Watched a few minutes of today's Argentina-Holland game. Chatted with Bernard the taxi driver, who has a 3-week-old baby and also is fasting for Ramadan.

Salad and leftover chicken-rice and a rum-and-cola for dinner.

Plenty of rain after midnight. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Did a bucket of laundry.

Grey and pouring rain starting at 8:50. A little break, then started up again at 9:25. More starting before 9:50, and going for quite a while. More at 11.

Wind started howling at 1; soon had to shut down the wind-generator. Lost a nice water-bucket off the deck.

Still totally grey and windy by 3:40. Hung the laundry in the pilothouse to dry.

Found a nut loose on deck; might be from the antenna mount on top of the mainmast ? [Later found: it's from the jib-furler assembly on the cockpit coaming, easily fixed.]

Salad and spaghetti and a rum-and-cola for dinner.

Windy and damp all night. Anchor chain sticking on a rock or concrete or something, making the boat jerk now and then. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Totally grey and windy and trying to rain.

Saw my lost water-bucket on the beach yesterday evening, but it's gone this morning.

Cleaned up the cockpit a bit.

Laundry finished drying in the pilothouse.

Ashore around 12:45 to do Wi-Fi. Exchanged books at the bookshelf.

Back to boat after 4. Back ashore later and went for a walk.

Salad and leftover spaghetti and a rum-and-cola for dinner. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Around 1:30, put a towel over the forward solar panel, with loads on the system. Voltage headed down, removed towel, voltage headed up. So I think that one's working. Tried the test with the aft panel, and a cloud interfered, tried it again, the refrigerator decided to stop running, tried again, and the aft panel seems to be working too ! Covered the aft panel again, and again a cloud came over. Ran the test a couple more times, cursing clouds, but finally decided both panels are working.

So, why did I think one of the panels had died ? Maybe the state of the batteries (at least one bad cell in every battery) was so bad that it fooled me ? Now that I'm bypassing the solar controller and charging the batteries hard with solar and wind, maybe the batteries are a little better ? At some point, I might try three 6V batteries (witgh bad cells) in series, to make one 12V battery.

Ashore at 3 to do yoga and take a walk. Then watched first half of the World Cup game at 4.

Chili and a rum-and-cola for dinner. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Threw away sheet and pillowcase and mattress pad and pillow and got out new ones. Really need to buy a new mattress, too.

Did a bucket of laundry.

Ashore at 11:45 for dominoes. Nice game with Harry and Katie from "Purrfect" and Rhian and Rob from "Beyzano". I came in a close second to Harry. Then World Cup finals on TV at 3. Watched 15 minutes of it, but there was too much of a crowd, and I was far away from the TV. Moved back further and did Wi-Fi and kept an eye on the game from a distance.

Salad and leftover chili and a rum-and-dietcola for dinner.

No wind during the evening and night; batteries very low, couldn't run refrigerator. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Ashore in late afternoon. Disposed of a big bag of garbage, and went for a walk.

Salad and tuna-salad sandwich and rum-and-cola for dinner.

Warm, still, humid, rolly, uncomfortable night. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Ashore for 9:30 shopping van. Was going to take a bus from CK's to go downtown, but the shopping van ended up taking me all the way to the main post office, so I walked from there. Found dermatologist's office and made appointment for Friday, and got their correct email address. Bus back to shopping mall.

Had a smoothie, watched some cricket on TV, got lots of groceries. Onto van at noon, long stops at Marketing Board and CK's, back on boat around 1:10.

Ashore around 2:15 to do Wi-Fi. Exchanged some books. Skype-called Dora; I could see and hear her, but she couldn't hear me, and the connection kept dropping and reconnecting.

Chicken-rice-carrot and a rum-and-dietcola for dinner. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Tired and headachey; took a sumatriptan.

Ashore in midafternoon. Did yoga and went for a walk.

Salad and leftover chicken-rice and rum-and-dietcola for dinner. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Got a tiny bit of Wi-Fi from the boat, and received an email from the dermatologist I was going to see tomorrow. She just broke her wrist and will be out of action for a while !

Still getting no email response from either Kyocera (who I don't need any more) or the Spanish consulate in NYC. Irritating.

Ashore in midafternoon. Did yoga and went for a walk.

Salad and leftover chili and rum-and-dietcola for dinner. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Very dark grey morning. No wind until about 8:15, then started blowing and raining hard. Kept raining until about noon, with wind on and off. Getting little solar power and only some wind-power. Glad I didn't have to go ashore at 9:30 to take vans downtown to go to doctor's appt.

Started pouring again at 2:45. Rained for 20 minutes or so.

Salad and spaghetti and a rum-and-dietcola for dinner. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Fairly sunny and breezey this morning.

Ashore in late morning. They're setting up for a wedding reception in the mairna bar/restaurant, so had to do my yoga in front of the office. Went for a walk. Was going to come in later to do Wi-Fi, but can't do that.

Went ashore after lunch and did a brief Wi-Fi session, sitting at a table outside the marina office door.

Salad and leftover spaghetti and a rum-and-dietcola for dinner.

Headache well after midnight; took a sumatriptan. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Ashore in late morning. Did some yoga, but a muscle between right shoulder and neck is hurting, so quit early. Went for a walk.

Ashore at 1:15 to do Wi-Fi, then dominoes. Played a nice game with Harry, Rhian, Stan, and Devon. Stan wiped us all out; we tagged him with some points in the last two hands, but he won easily. Five more people playing at a second table, but they were playing at about 1/3 our speed, so we didn't exchange people with them halfway as we usually would do.

Skype-called Dora in Spain, and had a full video-and-audio connection for the first time ! Nice. It dropped and reconnected a couple of times, but mostly worked.

Hotdog-mushroom-corn-cheese-batter concoction and a rum-and-dietcola for dinner.

Headachey during the night; took a paracetamol-plus. Probably should stop making that batter-concoction thing for dinner. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Still headachey. Took a sumatriptan.

Galley sink faucet has started leaking a little. Took a look underneath to see how hard it will be to replace it, and the piping is a nightmare, lots of extra loops and connections and unexplained pipes. Which means I'd have to take out the sink to get enough access to figure it all out, and it probably should be simplified.

Called a marine repair place on the VHF, hoping they'd know how to repair my dinghy, but it sounds like they would have to scratch around and order stuff and figure out a fix, just as I would.

Went ashore in late afternoon, for a walk.

Typical: after wind blowing hard all day, when I didn't need the wind-power because I had plenty of solar power, at dusk the rain-clouds came over and then the wind disappeared, and stayed gone all night. No wind-power all night; had to turn off the refrigerator.

Salad and leftover hotdog-bread concoction and a rum-and-dietcola for dinner.

Headachey during the night; took a sumatriptan. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Ashore at 9:30 for the shopping van. A crush of people; had to wait for one of the busses to go with first load and then come back for rest of us. Long, slow, morning. Stopped at bank, ACE Hardware, then Budget Marine. Bought stuff to fix the dinghy (2-part polyurethane, 5200, hypalon material) and a new dinghy-hoist line. Total of EC$290, about US$110. They didn't have exactly what I wanted: had to settle for polyurethane primer instead of white or grey, 5200 instead of fast-cure 5200.

To IGA, got groceries. Crowded van and slow trip back, through Marketing Board and CK's. Back to the boat by 1, tired and a little headachey.

Still headchey in late afternoon. Took an ibuprofen-plus.

Big salad and small leftover hotdog-bread concoction for dinner.

Headachey again before dawn; took a sumatriptan. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Fairly grey morning. Huge storm/squall starting at 8:40.

Trying to decide how to fix the dinghy: should I repair it while it's hanging from the davits, while floating on a painter behind the boat (maybe with outboard removed), or while dragged ashore on a beach ? Need to be able to use the kayak while the dinghy is drying for several days. Need to protect the outboard from thieves. Unfortunately need to do the whole repair in one big shot, because the 5200 has to be used up within 24 hours of being opened. Need to find a couple of dry days to do the repair. Probably don't want to try taking the laptop ashore on the kayak, so need to work around my Wi-Fi sessions.

Sunnier, and went ashore in late morning. Exchanged some books, did some yoga, went for a walk.

Ashore again at 1 to do Wi-Fi. Weather report says only dry day will be tomorrow, then lots of rain. Want several reasonably dry days to do the dinghy painting/patching.

Back on the boat after 5. Tried to put the new dinghy-hoisting line on, and it's too short ! I must have mismeasured; I tried to measure without taking the old line off completely. Took the old one off now, and sure enough, it's 30 feet or so, and the new one I bought is 25 feet. My mistake. Put the old one back on.

Celery and chili and a rum-and-dietcola for dinner.

Not a shred of wind-power all night; nada.

At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Sunny morning, as forecast. Waters fairly calm, too. Decided to do the dinghy-repair.

Launched the dinghy, cleared some clutter out of it, started scrubbing the tubes with soapy water and rinsing them with fresh water. When that was mostly done, lifted the outboard off and onto deck. Rinsed the tube again and left the dinghy to dry. Lowered the swim platform and launched the kayak. Cut up pieces of hypalon fabric to use as area patches. Lightly sanded both sides of the patches.

Looked at the davits, and found a major bolt has the head sheared right off. Bad. Pic.

After a while, lightly sanded the dinghy tubes, so the paint will adhere. Mixed up about 2/3 of the two-part polyurethane primer; it's white, as I'd hoped. Let it kick off for a while, then added the 5200. Then decided I had enough room in the jar to do all of the paint in one shot, so added the rest of the paint and catalyst and mixed some more.

Five minutes later, took everything down into the dinghy and got ready to work.

Immediately, it turned into a fiasco. The 5200 is kicking off, turning into lumps in the paint jar and on the brush. It's like trying to paint with large-curd cottage cheese. Tried to put on one of the patches, and it's lumpy and peeling and a disaster. Ended up skipping the rest of the patches, just painting everywhere the fabric was showing through, and everywhere I knew there was a leak. Slathered the stuff on, lumps rolling down the tubes and falling off the brush. A mess. But the fabric IS getting covered.

Kept going until I'd covered everything I wanted to, often more than once. Still 1/3 or more of the paint left. Dinghy looks pretty ugly, but that's nothing new, and if the leaks stop, I'll be happy. Before and after: pics. Done and cleaning up by 10:30, hot and sweaty and tired. Not sure what I did wrong: wrong paint, wrong procedure, wrong 5200 ? A cruiser here says he did this to his dinghy and it worked well.

Headachey yet AGAIN by 11:30; took a paracetamol.

In late afternoon, kayaked ashore. Got a pretty wet butt doing it, and a little trouble getting in and out of the kayak without tipping it. Been a while since I used it. Ashore, went for a walk.

Celery and leftover chili and a rum-and-dietcola for dinner.

No wind at all during the night. Then, at 1:05, the wind-generator started turning a little. I thought "nice, getting a little power".

Five minutes later, the squall from hell hit. Must be the leading edge of a tropical wave; we've been getting about two waves per week coming through in the last few weeks. Anyway, quickly the wind was shrieking from the SE, blowing 50 knots or so, whipping up 1-foot waves in the harbor. I'm hard on a lee shore.

I went up into the cockpit, still half-asleep, no night vision, and tried to make sense of things. Lots of noise in the rigging, and I figured out it was a towel I'd left on the lifeline; brought that in before it could fly away. Also, a loose lid on a deck-box has flipped up and might fly away; not going to try to deal with that yet. Went back down below and got the engine ready, then back up and started it. Hard to hear the engine over the noise of the wind and waves.

Turned on the VHF radio, and it seems quiet. Eventually heard that a boat has blown aground in Prickly Bay and is calling for help. My anchor seems to be holding fine, and the engine is running well. I don't see or hear of any problems in this harbor. I have decent night-vision now. Nothing to do but keep running the engine, in case something fails in the ground-tackle.

When the rain eases after 15 minutes or so, I go on deck, lash down the deck-box lid, take inventory. Looks like I haven't lost anything overboard, and dinghy and kayak are okay.

Several huge lightning-flashes, but no thunder.

Wind easing by 1:35, turned engine off at 1:40. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Grey, humid, still morning. Heard on the net that the boat aground in Prickly Bay has been retrieved with little or no damage.

Breezy by 8:30 or so; still grey and humid.

Worked to get the broken bolt out of the base of the davits. Not easy; everything is galled in place. Finally got the nut spinning on the shaft, then used a hammer to pound the shaft down. But some of the flare left when the head snapped off is keeping it from going all the way down.

Eventually trimmed off the flare with the Dremel, and did lots of hammering using smaller bolts as punches, to get the bolt-shaft out.

Sunny and breezey by 10:30 or so. Did a bucket of laundry.

Found a bronze bolt aboard that fits the davit base. Filed the hole to make it a little bigger, put the bolt on.

Thought of going ashore in late afternoon, but it's too rough to make a kayak trip appealing.

Paint job on inflatable dinghy seems to be quite dry, and the tubes seem to be holding air. Will have to do a lot of sanding to smooth out all of the horrible lumps in the paint. Bailed a lot of rainwater out of the dinghy.

Big squall came through starting at 5:10. Another smaller squall an hour later.

Salad and spaghetti and a rum-and-dietcola for dinner.

Fairly windy all night; lots of wind-power. Pretty rolly and uncomfortable much of the night. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Breezey, partly-sunny morning. Squall at 7:30 or so.

Hoisted kayak onto deck and stowed it. Bailed out the inflatable dinghy.

Lifted motor down into dinghy. Sanded the paint on the tubes a bit.

Ashore after 11, to do yoga and a walk.

Several squalls starting around 12:45.

Ashore at 1:30 to do Wi-Fi. Skype-called Mom.

Salad and leftover spaghetti and a rum-and-dietcola for dinner.

No wind-power during the night.

Headachey at 1 AM; took a sumatriptan. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Ashore around 11 to go for a walk.

Ashore again after 1 to do Wi-Fi and play dominoes. Had 9 players at one table for dominoes. I had a horrible game, but eventually clawed out of last to come in third-last.

Headachey when I got back to the boat; took a paracetamol. Later, took a sumatriptan too.

Salad and sausage-onion-noodle-mushroom-cheese and a dietcola for dinner.

No wind-power during the night. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Added oil to the outboard.

Ashore in midafternoon. Exchanged books, did yoga, went for a walk.

Salad and leftover sausage-noodle and a rum-and-dietcola for dinner.

Warm, still, uncomfortable night. Didn't sleep well. And had to take a sumatriptan.   At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Ashore for 9:30 shopping van. To ATM, to supermarket, to Marketing Board and CK's, home a little before noon. Hot morning.

Ashore again before 1, to do Wi-Fi.  

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