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At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Pulled and cleaned some anchor chain, section at a time. Lots of grass and barnacles on the first 20+ feet of it.

Started engine at 10:45; throttle very stiff. Not too much trouble getting the anchor up. Motored across the harbor, found more room than it looked like from further away, and anchor down by 11:05 at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Less breeze over here, as I expected. And the boat spinning at times.

Ashore in late afternoon and went for a walk.

Salad and leftover chili and a rum-and-cranberryjuice for dinner. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Ashore at 9:30 for shopping van. To veggie stand, ATM, then IGA mall. Only need a few things; leaving Thursday. Back to boat by 11:15 or so.

Ashore at 12:15. Did Wi-Fi. Backed up my computer to external disk. Exchanged a lot of books. Skyped with Dora.

Salad and cornedbeef-onion-spaghetti and a rum-and-cranberryjuice for dinner. At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Put new plastic on anchor chain hawsehole on foredeck.

Gave myself more of a haircut. Short.

Was thinking of raising anchor and moving slightly further from shore. Then saw the boat nearest me, and guys changing it from anchored to on a newly installed mooring. That reduces my options a little. Decided to stay put, and just make sure I won't touch aground if strong wind blows me hard toward shore. Started engine and back down hard in that direction, and anchor is holding solidly and I have about 20 feet to spare. So decided to stay put.

Ashore before 1:30, walked over to Prickly Bay marina. Hot.

Played dominoes with Holger, Edie, Margie. Came in last.

Watched a few minutes of Barcelona football on the TV. I'll be in Barcelona a week from now.

Back to boat. Hoisted outboard up out of dinghy and into main cabin, getting grease all over a nice pair of undershorts.

Started packing and locking things up, getting ready to leave.

Salad and leftover cornedbeef-onion-spaghetti and a light rum-and-cranberryjuice for dinner. A bit headachey; took a sumatriptan.

Frequent light rain during the night; warm and humid and had to keep closing the ports (mostly). At anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada.

Lots of last-minute cleaning and packing. As usual, George showed up 15 minutes early, and I had to tell him it would be another 10 minutes. But our timing is good; the rain has stopped.

Ashore on time, and to the airport. Short line at ticketing, but they charged me US$25 for checking my bag; that's a new fee, although they say it isn't. No line at all at Security. To gate by 8:30 for 9:50 flight. AC power and Wi-Fi.

Uneventful flight to Miami. Realized I brought no US cash at all with me; will have to hit an ATM.

New, automated passport machines in the Miami airport, which took a digital picture of me. Smooth trip through Immigration and baggage and Customs. One electronic sign about Ebola, saying something like "if you've been to West African countries and have a fever, see nearest official". About 3 hours to wait until next flight. No free Wi-Fi.

A little headachey; took a sumatriptan. Found an ATM, had some lunch, wandered around. Tried to practice my Spanish by listening to the announcements, some of which are repeated in Spanish. But it's very fast Spanish.

Then my flight started getting delayed. Supposed to leave at 4:35; actually took off a little after 9. 3.5-hour connection turned into 8-hour connection.

Fairly rough flight to Philadephia; plenty of turbulence, attendants had to stop serving a couple of times, kid nearby screaming for long periods of time.

No problem getting my baggage and getting picked up by my brother. Home by 1 AM. One hour different from Grenada, so today's trip took about 16 hours, door to door.

  Boat's at anchor at Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada. I'm in New Jersey, then Barcelona, then NJ again.

Usual pile of mail and packages waiting for me.

First time in a while that I've been in NJ in time to see the fall colors. Took pictures, then realized I forgot to bring the cable to download from my camera to my laptop. And Amazon one-day shipping has failed me: none of the cables they offer for this are available in less than 5 business days or so. Got them out later: pics.

Took the train up to New York City and went to the Spanish consulate. A bit of a rushed consultation, since I didn't have an appointment, but a nice man came out to talk to me across the Security desk. And said a lot of surprising things, almost all making the process simpler and cheaper than I expected. Good news. Wandered through Manhattan, stopping at St Patrick's Cathedral, Public Library, etc. Pics.

Bought a new USB cable for my camera in NYC, and still can't get pictures out of the camera. I think the camera may be dying, but not having the old cable with me adds a complicating factor to the diagnosis.

Nov 12: off to Barcelona ! Trip diary will be here. New credit card (one with chip in it) didn't arrive before I left. But I'm getting out of NJ just before the cold weather arrives. [Sitting at airport gate, got email from my brother saying new credit card just arrived in the mail.]  

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