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"Motor Homing in Europe" by Steve Hunt
Myths about driving in Europe
excerpts from "Road Trip Europe" book
Jim Franklin's "An RV in Europe" book

Buying A Van

Ways to buy:

Summarized from deguru's "Campervanning in Europe - Buying the Van":

From IdeaMerge - Motorhome-Camper Purchase:
"It is no longer legal for a non-resident of a European Union country to obtain normal registration and in turn to insure a vehicle in such country." If you own and register the vehicle yourself, you must get "the compulsory (minimum third-party liability, international 'green card') insurance sold on the open market which is very expensive for tourists". If you have a European company "carry the insurance and registration for you, ... you will effectively have normal registration and plates and you will pay just a bit more than does a resident for insurance ..."

From IdeaMerge - Motorhome-Camper Purchase:
"Many countries require of foreign drivers no license apart from a valid domestic drivers license. However, Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, and Spain do require non-Europeans to carry an International Driving Permit (IDP) along with their domestic license. Bulgaria and the Czech Republic require all non-resident drivers to carry an IDP. ... The local office of your auto club (AAA, CAA, etc.) sells IDPs for about US$21. If you need an IDP, take your license, two passport-sized photos and the requisite cash to the club office."

From "Motor Homing in Europe" by Steve Hunt:

Places To Go

From deguru's "Campervanning in Europe":

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