Gulfstar Pictures (2)

Pictures and info from a reader of my blog, Feb 2012:

Picture of my previous 74 44MS ketch/schooner/cutter "Joyride" in the Abacos. Doubled the sail area by adding cutter sail, new free-footed main, topsail, and moved main roll-up boom and old main to mizzen mast. Sailing speed never increased, don't try it. Current owner changed sail plan to original Ketch rig and renamed it "Gulf Wind".

Pictures of my current 73 44MS cutter sloop "Camelot" I have been restoring for four years. Like all real sailors, I'll probably die before it's finished.

I owned and lived aboard Joyride from 2004 to 2008 and Camelot (Camelot In Marathon, Camelot 2011 Haulout) from 2009 to present.

Misc Gulfstars are 44' Motorsailors that I looked at while shopping.

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