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This page updated:
August 2006

From Norm on The Live-Aboard List:
The washing machine I just bought and am in the process of installing is called a Staber ($1200, $107 shipping) and is made in Ohio. It is the most efficient washing machine sold in America. It uses about half of the electricity and about a third of the water of a conventional machine (it uses 16 gallons of water vs. 44 gallons in the Maytag it replaces). It is said to wash clothes cleaner and more gently than the agitator type. It is powered by inverters in thousands of households. It uses a 90 volt DC motor under microprocessor control to vary the speed and direction of the clothes drum. It has a separate motor-driven pump. The moving and the stationary drums are both stainless. For an extra $400 you can get it with a stainless cabinet too.

I am making major modifications to the unit, removing the cabinet and discarding it to reduce moisture damage.

Compared to home machines, on-board machines have limited capacity.
Fresh water use is high.
The dryer heats up the boat.

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