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        About Me

        Retire Onto A Sailboat
                Getting Started
                        Possible Problems / Issues / Challenges
                        To Research
                        Money Needed to Buy, Refit and Live on Boat
                                How Long Can I Cruise ?
                                How Much Money to Cruise Forever ?
                                Earning Money While Cruising
                                Social Security (USA)
                                Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)
                        Costs Of Buying And Cruising On A Boat
                                One-Time Costs
                                Recurring Costs (including some non-boat stuff)
                                My Costs To Date
                                Boat Insurance
                                Boater Medical Insurance
                                        US citizens and "Obamacare" (PPACA, ACA)
                                        How to save money on health care
                        Lifestyle of Living on a Boat
                                My Lifestyle and Experiences Living on a Boat
                        My Progress In Retiring Onto A Sailboat
                                Looking for a Boat
                                Quit Job, Move to Florida, and Buy Boat
                                Florida Coastal Cruising
                                Bahamas and Florida Cruising
                                Caribbean Cruising
                Getting A Boat
                        Choosing Boat Models
                                Intended Use
                                Implications Of Intended Use
                                General Choices
                                Choose Boat Models
                                Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)
                                Boat Models
                                        Out Of My Price Range
                                        Low-End / Mass-Market ?
                                        High Maintenance ? (Lots of wood; teak deck; etc)
                                        Wrong Hull Material (for me)
                                        Draft Too Deep (for me; >5'6")
                                        Boat Model - Gulfstar Sailboats
                                        Boat Model - Morgan Sailboats
                        Buying A Boat
                                Building a cruising boat:
                                Process For A Specific Boat
                                Checking Out The Boat
                                After Buying
                                Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)
                                Checklist for Evaluating a Boat
                        Bareboat Chartering
                                Research and Preparation
                                Setting Up The Trip
                                During The Trip
                        Chartering Out A Boat You Own
                        Selling A Boat
                                Preparation and Location
                                Broker or not ?
                                Showing the boat
                                Closing the deal
                Using The Boat
                        Boat Equipment
                                Dinghy (Tender, Dink)
                                Liferaft (and supplies on it)
                                Safety Equipment
                                Boat Appliances
                                        Boat Air-Conditioner
                                        Boat Barbeque
                                        Boat Head
                                        Boat Heater
                                        Boat Refrigeration
                                                Recharging (AKA "Adding refrigerant" or "adding Freon" or "adding coolant")
                                        Boat Stove
                                        Boat Washer / Dryer
                                        Boat Water-Heater
                                Boat Auto-Steering
                                        Auto-Pilot driving Windvane
                                Boat Basics
                                        Anchor and Rode
                                        Anchor Windlass
                                        Building a DIY anchor windlass:
                                        Simple DIY anchor-raising lever:
                                        Mast (spar)
                                        Through-Hulls (throughhulls, thru-hulls, seacocks)
                                        Boat Hull
                                        Boat Rigging and Sails
                                                Fittings and Hardware
                                                Lifelines (life-lines)
                                                Reefing and Furling
                                                Sail Plans
                                Boat Electrical
                                        Electrical Corrosion
                                        GPS (Global Positioning System)
                                        Lightning Protection
                                        RADAR Detector
                                        SONAR (fish finder, depth sounder, scanning SONAR)
                                        Stereo, TV
                                        AC Power on a Boat
                                                Genset (Generator)
                                                Inverter (DC-to-AC)
                                                Shore Power
                                        Boat Computer
                                        DC Electricity Generation on a Boat
                                                Battery Charger (AC-to-DC)
                                                Non-Engine (solar, wind, water) In General
                                                Solar (photovoltaic)
                                        Radio On A Boat
                                                Radio Types
                                                What Radio To Get For Boat
                                                Phone On Boat
                                                Getting Started in Ham Radio
                                                Ham Radio Operation
                                                Weatherfax (weather-fax, radiofax)
                                                Licenses For USA Boat
                                                Installation and Operation On Boat
                                                Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI)
                                                Web Access From Boat
                                                The Cruiser's Net
                                Boat Engine
                                        Outboard Motor
                                        Boat Engine Alternator
                                        Boat Engine Cooling System
                                        Boat Engine Exhaust System
                                        Boat Engine Fuel System
                                        Boat Engine Propeller
                                        Boat Engine Drive Shaft
                                        Boat Engine Transmission
                                Boat Navigation
                                        Paper Charts
                                        Celestial (Sextant)
                                        Software and Electronics
                                SCUBA Diving
                        Boat Maintenance
                                Troubleshooting / Techniques
                                Boat Engine Maintenance
                                Boat Fiberglass Maintenance
                                Boat Haulout
                                Boat Hull Blisters
                                Boat Painting
                                        Exterior Wood
                                Climbing The Mast
                                Outboard Motor Maintenance
                                Sail Maintenance
                                Boat Sewing Machine
                        Living On A Boat
                                Articles, Books, Magazines
                                Bedding and Clothing
                                Buying Smartly
                                Communications And Mail
                                Galley (kitchen, utensils)
                                Paying Bills / Mail
                                Provisioning / Food / Cooking
                                Security / Theft
                                Crew and Guests on a Boat
                                        What To Ask Potential Skipper
                                        What To Ask Potential Crew
                                        Rules For Crew
                                        Rules For Guests
                                        Stuff Guests Should Bring
                                        Good Gifts Guests Could Bring
                                        Treating Guests
                                        Liability And Crew
                                        Money And Crew
                                Fishing for Dinner from Sailboat
                                Boat Medical Information
                                        Injuries / Conditions
                                Lists for Operating a Boat
                                        How To Do Key Things
                                        Equipment Problems
                                        Specific Situations
                                        Periodic Maintenance
                                Sailing Techniques
                                Boat Watermaker
                                        Reverse-Osmosis Watermaker
                                        Condensation Watermaker / Solar Still
                        Family, Couple, Kids, Pets Living on a Boat
                                Couples Cruising
                                Kids Cruising
                                Pets Cruising
                        Places To Sail
                                Characteristics Of Various Areas
                                Possible Itineraries
                                Weather And Route Notes
                                Travel: Customs, Immigration, documents
                                Destinations And Areas
                                Atlantic Crossing
                                        Bahamas In General
                                        Northwest Bahamas
                                        The Berry's
                                        Cat Island
                                USA East Coast / IntraCoastal Waterway (ICW)
                                        General ICW
                                        New England (and NJ and NY)
                                        Delaware Bay
                                        Chesapeake Bay
                                        Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina
                                Florida Keys
                                Sailboat Home Base
                                        Picking A Home Base
                                        House With A Dock (in Florida)
                                West Coast of Florida
                                        General West Coast of Florida
                                        Fort Myers Area
                                        Charlotte Harbor Area
                                        Tampa Bay Area
                                Inland Rivers in the USA
                                        Great Loop (Great Circle)
                                        Small Loop
                                        Tenn-Tom (Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway)
                                        Tennessee River Side-Trip
                                        Cumberland River Side-Trip
                                        Mississippi River
                                        Gulf Coast
                                        Caribbean In General
                                        Hurricane season choices / hurricane holes
                                        Northeast Caribbean
                                        Leeward Islands
                                        Windward Islands
                                        Southern Caribbean
                                        Western Caribbean
                                        Cruising the Dominican Republic
                                        Cruising Puerto Rico
                                        Cruising the Virgin Islands
                                                Spanish Virgin Islands (between PR and USVI's: Vieques, Culebra, La Cordillera)
                                                US Virgin Islands (USVI's)
                                                British Virgin Islands (BVI's)
                                        Cruising St Martin
                                        Cruising Antigua and Barbuda
                                        Cruising Guadeloupe
                                        Cruising St Vincent and the Grenadines
                                        Cruising Grenada
                                        General Info
                                        Preparing Boat
                                        Storing boat on the hard for hurricane season
                        Sailing a Boat SingleHanded
                                Big Picture
                                Rig And Rigging
                My Sailboat "Magnolia"
                        Log and Data Files
                        Possible Upgrades
                        Boat Pictures
                        Sailing Pictures
                        Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

                Italy Trip May 1999
                Dublin Ireland Trip, July 2009
                Traveling to Barcelona
                        Maps etc
                        Places to see and things to do
                        Places to Visit in Spain
                                San Sebastian
                                Castellon de la Plana
                                Transport in Spain
                Living in Andalucia
                        Maps etc
                        Places to see and things to do
                        Jerez de la Frontera
                        Arcos de la Frontera
                        Sanlucar de Barrameda
                        El Puerto de Santa Maria
                        Puerto Real
                        San Fernando
                        La Linea de la Concepcion
                Moving from USA to Spain
                        Are You Sure ?
                        What Visa ?
                        Getting a Visa
                        Living in Spain
                                After Arriving
                                Spanish will
                                While Living In Spain
                                If your address changes
                                Legal and monetary troubles
                                Declaring bankruptcy
                                Learning Spanish
                                "Pareja de hecho"
                                "Tarjeta comunitaria"
                                If you don't get your deposit back at the end of the rental:
                        Driving in Spain
                                Getting a Spanish car driver's license
                                Two-wheeled vehicles
                                Renting a car
                                Importing, Buying, Selling a car
                        Health Insurance and Healthcare in Spain
                        Taxes in Spain
                                Spanish: Basics
                                Spanish: First tax filings
                                Spanish: Basic software and sites
                                Spanish: Income tax (Impuesto de Renta sobre las Personas Fisicas, IRPF)
                                Are USA Social Security benefits taxable by Spain ?
                                Spanish: Wealth tax (Patrimonio, 714)
                                Spanish: Foreign assets declaration (720)
                                Spanish: ETE (Encuesta sobre Transacciones Exteriores) declaration
                                Spanish: Inheritance and gift taxes (Impuesto sobre sucesiones y donaciones)
                                Spanish: Other tax filings
                                US: Federal income tax return (1040)
                                US: Other federal tax filings (FBAR, FATCA)
                                US: State tax return
                Places to Visit in Europe
                        Bratislava, Slovakia
                        Lima, Peru

                News Overload / News Avoidance
                Political Terms
                How to Detect Bogus Claims, Articles, Sites, Videos

        What would "Car Talk" say ?

                Ronald Reagan's Presidency
                George Bush's Legacy
                Barack Obama's Presidency

        Legal Stuff

        Computer Stuff
                Content Rating
                Microsoft Windows
                Appliances for Senior Citizens
                How To Make Money Online
                Improve Facebook
                        Bugs and Bad Things:
                        Features Facebook should have:
                        Facebook strengths / why it won't go away:
                        Why some people hate Facebook:
                        Encrypted Facebook Proposal
                                New Architecture:
                        Peer-to-Peer Facebook Proposal
                                New Architecture:
                Thoughts on Google Plus
                The Biggest Jerk on the Internet
                Computer Security and Privacy
                        TL;DR about computer privacy, security and safety
                        Levels of privacy, security and safety
                        Online Security
                        Online Privacy
                        Torrent Seedbox
                        MAC Address
                        Windows user trying Linux
                        Virtual Machine
                        Anticipate problems
                        Low-tech solutions
                        New things we need to increase our privacy or security
                                Future threats to privacy will be greater:
                        Computer Theft and Recovery
                                Mobile phone security:
                                Android Custom ROMs

        Privacy Policy