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Andalucia Map

Andalucia Map

Andalucia Map


Wikitravel's "Seville"
Wikipedia's "Seville"
TripAdvisor's "Seville Tourism"

From someone on reddit's /r/spain:
"August is the hottest month in Spain, and things can get pretty much ridiculous such as being impossible to go out in the street around 3:00 PM ... Seville is the HOTTEST city of the HOTTEST region of Spain and [if you go in August] you will be visiting it in the HOTTEST month of Spain. It can get 44 Celsius in the shade."

Kate's Travel Tips' "Christmas in Seville"

Jerez de la Frontera

Wikitravel's "Jerez de la Frontera"
Wikipedia's "Jerez de la Frontera"
TripAdvisor's "Jerez De La Frontera"
Turismo Jerez
Ayuntamiento de Jerez's "Autobuses Urbanos" (local buses, €1.10 each trip)'s "Jerez de la Frontera"
reddit's /r/Jerez

Arcos de la Frontera

Wikipedia's "Arcos de la Frontera"
TripAdvisor's "Arcos De La Frontera"'s "Arcos de la Frontera"

My summary: don't bother, disappointing, not worth the effort to get here.

Sanlucar de Barrameda

City web site (including event notices)
Wikipedia's "Sanlucar de Barrameda"
TripAdvisor's "Best of Sanlucar de Barrameda"
Facebook group "Sanlucar de Barrameda"
Facebook Page "Sanlucar de Barrameda Turismo"
Regional buses: Sanlucar Digital's "Horario de Autobuses"
Regional buses: CMTBC
Regional long-distance buses: Los Amarillos
Long-distance buses: SAMAR
Sanlucar language schools
Sanlucar de Barrameda Forum
Ayuntamiento de Sanlucar de Barrameda (info and events) "Outstanding Fiestas in Andalusia"
Kate's Travel Tips' "Sanlucar de Barrameda"


Wikipedia's "Chipiona"
TripAdvisor's "Chipiona"


Wikipedia's "Rota, Cadiz"
TripAdvisor's "Rota"

El Puerto de Santa Maria

Town is on the main rail (and bus) route from Seville to Cadiz.
Extranjera office is in Cadiz.

Wikitravel's "El Puerto de Santa Maria"
Wikipedia's "El Puerto de Santa Maria"
TripAdvisor's "El Puerto de Santa Maria"
Puerto Bus (local buses)
El Puerto govt
Turismo El Puerto
Facebook group "Playa 'La Puntilla' de El Puerto de Santa Maria"


Puerto Real

Wikipedia's "Puerto Real"
TripAdvisor's "Puerto Real"
Web de Turismo de Puerto Real
Ayuntamiento de Puerto Real
Conoce Las Rutas Y Horarios De Los Autobuses Urbanos En Puerto Real (2011)
Horario Autobus Urbano Puerto Real (2010)

San Fernando

Wikipedia's "San Fernando, Cadiz"
Turismo San Fernando


Wikitravel's "Cadiz"
Wikipedia's "Cadiz"
TripAdvisor's "Cadiz Tourism"
Regional long-distance buses: SAMAR
Fun with Dick and Jane's "Cadiz, Spain"
Wanderlust Chloe's "Cadiz, Spain: The Ultimate Travel Guide"


Wikitravel's "Algeciras"
Wikipedia's "Algeciras"
TripAdvisor's "Algeciras"
Ayuntamiento de Algeciras

La Linea de la Concepcion

(Nearest to Gibraltar.)

Wikipedia's "La Linea de la Concepcion"
TripAdvisor's "La Linea de la Concepcion, Spain"
Ayuntamiento de la linea de la concepcion


Wikitravel's "Gibraltar"
Wikipedia's "Gibraltar"
TripAdvisor's "Gibraltar"'s "Living in Gibraltar"
Gibraltar Bus Info
Visit Gibraltar
PlanetWare's "10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Gibraltar"


Selwo Aventura safari park.



Selwo Marina Delfinarium.


Wikitravel's "Malaga"
Wikipedia's "Malaga"
TripAdvisor's "Malaga"
Fun with Dick and Jane's "Malaga, Spain"
Malaga Tourism


Fun with Dick and Jane's "The Natural History of Ronda, Malaga, Spain"


Fun with Dick and Jane's "Antequera, Malaga, Spain"


Wikipedia's "Granada"
Hitch-Hikers Handbook's "Granada"
Fun with Dick and Jane's "The Alhambra, Granada"


Wikipedia's "Cordoba, Spain"
Fun with Dick and Jane's "Cordoba"
Fun with Dick and Jane's "Cordoba Mezquita"
On the main train line between Sevilla and Madrid.


February 28 is Dia de Andalucia.

Socibus route map

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comors' "Andalusia (1000 BC - 2019)".