Reasoning about the structure of the US Federal Government

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The federal government should be limited to:

The federal government should not include:

If we leave these areas up to each individual state, and they screw it up, what are the consequences ? If education is bad in state X, the people of that state will suffer economically, and have an incentive to fix their education system. If the Arts are bad in state X, artists will move out, tourism will suffer a little, education will suffer a little, etc. In each area, the people of that state will have an incentive to fix their problems, or live with the consequences.

Some people would say this makes me a "conservative".
But in recent years the "conservatives" have:
I don't approve of any of those things, so I don't think I am a "conservative".

[Actually, I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. But many of the people who say they are fiscal conservatives (such as Reagan and G W Bush) are nothing of the sort.]

image about Republican party

Wouldn't we lose or not have some wonderful things the federal government has done ?

A major benefit of using focused public corporations to run things is that performance becomes much easier to measure, and to compare to non-government companies. It is much easier to hide pork-barrel spending, incompetence and trickery in one huge pile of money (the federal budget) than in a smaller pile that has clear goals.

Some people would say the state governments are worse than the federal government. I'd say:

Bob Garfield's "I Luv Big Gov"

Fixing the federal budget:
But from It's not clear where intelligence agencies appear in the budget charts; see FAS's "Intelligence Budget Data". It's not clear where the $60 billion of Homeland Security appears in the budget charts.

How I'd fix/balance/reduce the USA federal budget: Cutting government waste:
"Government waste" is a canard, a falsehood. It is held forth as a prospect of some painless way to avoid the hard choices facing us. Cut spending ? Raise taxes ? Cut services to people ? Reduce our military might ? No, just "cut waste" !

From Jordan Weissmann's "Ben Carson Knows Terrifyingly Little About the Government or the Economy":
It is a popular delusion that Washington could solve its long-term fiscal issues by eliminating waste and inefficiency. The reality is that we spend a great deal of money on benefits for the elderly and the poor while maintaining a massive military; the government, as the joke goes, is basically an insurance company with an army attached. ...

"Waste" could be one of: I don't see any quick and easy ways to reduce the "incompetence" and "fraud" types of waste, and the "policies" type is not really "waste".

For some radical ideas for restructuring the federal government, see my "Restructuring the US Federal Government" page.

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