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Content Rating

I would like to put "content rating" tags on all of my web pages. But there seems to be no good system for doing this.

Various online content-rating systems:

Various off-line content-rating systems:

Some people want a "Google Kids":

They want a search engine or rating service that will provide only content safe for kids.

That is completely the wrong strategy. There is no one definition of a "kid" or what is appropriate for a "kid". No corporation or product or government should make choices for you, the parent. And many adults could use content-rating to improve their own internet experiences.

Instead, YOU should be the one who decides what is appropriate for each of your kids and for yourself. The web pages and search engines and browsers should give you info and tools to enable this. Web pages and rating services should tell you "this web page contains X amount of violence and Y amount of nudity". YOU should choose, in your kid's browser and search engine, that "this user is allowed to see M amount of violence and N amount of nudity".

Microsoft Windows

Why is there no way to report Windows bugs to Microsoft ? There is an automatic mechanism for reporting system and application crashes, but no way to report feature bugs or suggest tweaks to features. I guess they want you to pay for support before they'll let you report bugs.

New features I want in Windows:


Appliances for Senior Citizens

[Not really "computer" issues. Things I'd like to get for my vision-impaired elderly Mom.]

Senior-friendly phone and answering machine:


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This page updated: December 2018

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