Phishing is when someone sends you something to trick you into giving away important information (such as your username and password, or credit card details). Usually through an email:
From: PayPal Support

Subject: Thank you for your payment

We are pleased to confirm that your payment of $250 to "Ваші гроші зараз моï" in Ukraine is in progress. We have received the money from your bank and will be completing the payment soon.

Thank you,



       PayPal login

SorryCorrect, this message is NOT safe.

1- The email address is bad.

Hover the mouse over the email address text ('PayPal Support') to see the actual email address behind it (''), maybe shown down in the status bar of your browser.

[In a phone-browser you may have to press and hold on the email address text for a couple of seconds.] A major company such as PayPal would not use an email account on someone else's service ('').

2- You never should log in through a form in an email (you can't be sure where that information will go).

Instead, use a bookmark you already have, or find the company's web site by searching.

3- The email is trying to panic you into a quick, mistaken response.


(Left and right arrow keys work, too)

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