Places to sail
in the Florida Keys

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This page updated: October 2004


Note: I don't repeat information you can find on charts or in guidebooks. And I do focus on things that fit my cruising style: I anchor out, use libraries for internet, don't go to restaurants and bars.


From Monroe County government site:
"Monroe County [Florida Keys] has the highest cost of living of any county in the state of Florida."

"Cruising the Keys"

"Florida Keys On-Line Guide"
Florida Keys Mooring Buoy System
Florida marinas

From 5/2005 issue of Southwinds magazine:
... There will be random inspection of all vessels in all waters surrounding the Keys to insure that boaters are in compliance with the no-discharge zone that has been in existence in the Keys since 2002. ...

NPR: 93.3 (WLRN) down to Marathon, then 91.3 in upper end of Marathon, but very intermittent in Boot Key Harbor.
No broadcast TV channels anywhere in the Keys; they removed the repeaters when cable came in.

Greyhound bus runs up and down the Keys, 6 stops in Keys, 3 buses per day in each direction: 800-410-KEYS.
Key Line Express scheduled shuttle: 866-KEY-LINE.
Dade-Monroe Express (buses between WalMart in Florida City and Publix in Marathon; very cheap; only 5 a day to/from Marathon)

It amazes me that there is no municipal bus service in the Keys; the geography is ideal for it and the traffic often is horrible.

General Keys weather, in my limited experience:
June - September: hot and humid, even at night, and light winds.
November/December: nice weather, mostly NE and E wind.
January: cool and windy, lots of fronts, wind quickly cycling around the compass.
Jan-Mar 2003 it blew E 20+ almost the whole time.

From Kevin Garthwaite on Sailnet FloridaKeys mailing list:
... if you run aground here in the Sanctuary (Florida's name for the Keys Waters), they'll charge you criminally for destruction of park property, as well as $6.60 a foot for any grass that remotely looks like you touched it. ... [and the towing service will call the park rangers to report you.]