Cruising Guadeloupe.

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This page updated: March 2010

Guadeloupe (French) courtesy flag

French. Great restaurants and bakeries.
All signs in French only, but many people speak a little English.
All prices in Euro's only, but stores may take US$.
No fees for entrance and departure.
Fuel much cheaper in Antigua than in Guadeloupe.
Very difficult to get propane.

Carnival: Feb or March.
Women Cooks festival: early August.

No English-language radio.
Classical radio: FM 101.8.
Some BBC radio on 9740 from 0600 to 0800.

From "Maranatha": The French national parks are very well maintained, and all are free and open to visitors, and the highway system on this island is second to none.

From Ed on "Angel Louise:
"We thought that Guadaloupe was most difficult, more foreign to Americans than other French spots. ... But we absolutely HATED the Riviere Salee. I would advise against it except for folks with low-bridgedeck speedboats and naturalists who love insects and bugs. IT WAS NOT OUR CUP OF TEA."

My experience in Guadeloupe in 2010:
My opinion: except for Deshaies, the harbors on the west coast are crap. And the snorkeling on the entire west coast is poor. If making a quick transit, skim west coast and stop at Deshaies for check-in, rest, then Saintes for check-out (or vice-versa). If staying for a while, maybe avoid the west coast and go through Riviere Salee, except maybe for check-in and rest at Deshaies if coming from north. The trip from Deshaies down around the SW corner and then up to Pointe-a-Pitre was a long slog. The S coast of the E island, from Pointe-a-Pitre out to Petite Terre, has some nice places. Marie Galante not worth seeing; Desirade probably not.

Bus system: buses generally run from about 6 AM to 7 PM, with limited service on Saturday afternoon and very little on Sundays.

Other islands that are part of Guadeloupe:

Nude beaches: Plage Tarare, and Club Med Caravelle.

Eat the local food: pic.