How to maintain
and repair sails.
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This page updated: May 2003

Things that damage sails:

Inspecting sails for damage:
North Sails "Sail Care Tips"
SailNet - Dan Dickison's "Racers' Sail Care Tips"

Washing sails:
From Rich Hampel on alt.sailing newsgroup:
I do the cleaning while the sails are on the boat. I clean the deck, and spray on the detergent as I have someone slowly raise the sail. I use a long handled brush and scrub the offending spots as the sail goes up, then lower and place a plastic tarp over the soggy mess. The plastic tarp makes sure the detergent doesn't dry out. After about 30 minutes (you have to let enough time to let the detergent work) I re-scrub, lower, then raise the sail several times as I rinse with a hose. Make sure that you get ALL the detergent out of the sail. Several rinsings will be necessary. Then go sailing to dry the sail.

Removing stains from sails
Mostly from "Sailing Tips" by William M. Burr Jr. (on Amazon - paid link), and from sail-repair class at Hogin Sails:

SailNet - Kathy Barron's "Sail Care and Cleaning"

Sail reconditioning: SailCare (people who have done this have mixed feelings: may be good money into a worn-out sail, may damage stitching. Best on a relatively new but dirty sail.)
SailNet - Brian Hancock's "Considering a New Mainsail"
Sailmaker's Supply

SailNet - Don Casey's "Sail Repair 101"
SailNet - Don Casey's "Sail Repair At Night, Sailor's Delight, Part Two"

Some items learned at sail-repair class at Hogin Sails:

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