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  2020-01-01 (Wednesday)
Quiet day. I cooked a big chicken dinner for the two of us. Dora doing lots of ironing, then learning how to make a web site (!).
  2020-01-02 (Thursday)
Quiet day. Out in early evening to take out garbage and get groceries and fruit/veg. Cold out. Out at 9 or so with Dora to take out more garbage, take clothes to a donation box, stop in a church, and check on a business she needs to go to tomorrow. Cold.
  2020-01-03 (Friday)
Out at 11:30 or so with Dora. To gestor to see about last year's tax return, and Dora's coming change to working a second job. Then to H6 bus, and to a medical clinic where she's going to rent an office. Interesting place, it's partly Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and reflexology, which I think are mostly nonsense. But the rest of it seems serious, the people are nice, I had a good conversation with one guy. Took a long time, and I got bored. Out around 2:30, stop in a bar for bathroom and coffees, into metro, home after 3. Cooked spaghetti for dinner.

Dora out later to gestor again, but they're closed, which probably means we missed a tax appeal deadline, bummer.

Teeth hurting at bedtime, took paracetamol.
  2020-01-04 (Saturday)
Out at 10 or so with Dora, hauling a suitcase and two bags, full of medical/office stuff. To H6 bus, to clinic, and put it all in her office there. I went online and we bought a domain for her, so she can have a web site. Still have to build the underlying pages. Eventually out and home after 1.

Online, used to make a web site for Dora, but we're going to wait a couple of days to make it live, need to get her tax paperwork done first.

Took a diazepam, slept well.
  2020-01-05 (Sunday)
Finally managed to confirm that our ISP does update the firmware in our router every now and then. Couldn't get an answer out of them, so I had to start recording firmware version number periodically.

Quiet day. I cooked chicken-rice-broccoli for dinner. Most exciting thing we did was take the garbage out in the evening, and take clothes to a donation box.
  2020-01-06 (Monday)
Apparently it's ANOTHER holiday here, today. I wanted to get going on several things with banks and gestor, but it all has to wait until tomorrow.

A couple of friends came over to chat with Dora and pick up a free mattress we're giving away.

Out in early evening to take garbage out, and take more clothes to the donation box, but the box is mostly full. Coldish out.
  2020-01-07 (Tuesday)
Dora out at 9:30 to go to bank, gestor, etc.

Found out Dora's son is not coming on the bus from the North today, he's sick.

I'm out at noon. Longish walk to bank, and was able to change my phone number via the ATM instead of having to stand through the line. To niece's school, but they've just opened for the year and can't accept cash payment today, come back tomorrow. To carnisseria to buy ribs. To fruit/veg shop to buy a ton of stuff. Home and started cooking.

Out at 5:30. To bus station by 6:15 to meet the family coming back from the north. They were supposed to arrive at 6:30, I think they actually arrived more like 7, and they sat in the far corner of the station and it took us half an hour to find each other. Finally met, to a large taxi, home by 8 or so.

After some futzing with Support at the domain registrar, got Dora's web site live. It's missing a lot of stuff, needs lots of work, but the basics are there.

Bad headache starting about 2 AM, and I was slow to take medicine. Took paracetamol at 3 or so, didn't work too well. Slept badly.
  2020-01-08 (Wednesday)
Bad headache. Took sumatriptan around 9 and stayed in bed. Stomach feeling queasy a few times. Dora out to Catalan class.

I stayed in bed until 1:30 in the afternoon. Still headache, but I got up and took ibuprofen and had a shower and a little food, felt a bit better. After dinner with Dora, felt okay but still medicined-up.

In late afternoon, out. To niece's school to pay tuition. To pharmacy for four prescriptions, including more sumatriptan, but the whole bill came to €12. To shop to buy an extension cord. To Dia for groceries. Dora's out to a place to print posters for her clinic, probably annoyed that I didn't go with her.

Did some more work on Dora's web site. Got it working on Chrome on mobile, but something's funky with it on Firefox on mobile. Later, Dora insisted on taking over the editing; hope she doesn't destroy it.
  2020-01-09 (Thursday)
Headachey, but felt better after ibuprofen and breakfast.

Dora out to clinic. She's going to sign a one-year lease, despite me querying her for a couple of weeks now about whether it was month-by-month. She wants me to go with her, but I'm not going.

Out before 4 with Dora, but we split up. I took her mother's phone to a mobile store to try to recharge the SIM, but no luck. Can't get the back off it, either.

Dora home at 8. Out with her before 9, to another phone store, where the guy got the SIM recharged. Apparently it's on some plan that has to be recharged on the first of every month.

Read the contract Dora signed with the clinic, and they mangled her address a bit, but added a clause saying either party can terminate with a month's notice. Great !

At bedtime, took diazepam.
  2020-01-10 (Friday)
Grey, cold and raining. Headachey, took ibuprofen.

News from Peru: the house-ownership/land-deed papers are done (after 3 years of effort), and Dora's mother has to go there NOW to pick them up.

Apparently at the niece's gymnastics class last night, a girl broke an ankle, and the response was not good. So now the niece wants to change gymnastics schools. [Later found the story was wrong, someone fell and was bruised and cried, no big deal.]

Dora out to Catalan class.

Out at 6:30 with Dora, to a farmacia a couple of blocks away. Where she took an eternity to buy and order all kinds of medicines for her mother, who is about to go to Peru for 2 months (I'm surprised it's for so long). I paid €50, Dora liberated another €50 from me for a monthly metro pass tomorrow, and I have to go back tomorrow morning and get more stuff and pay another €80+.

At bedtime, took diazepam and paracetamol.
  2020-01-11 (Saturday)
Dora out after 9 to do posters for clinic.

I'm out at 11 to farmacia. A bit confusing, but paid €104 for two medicines and four big boxes of stuff, and did two trips to haul it all home. Dora will have to check to see if I got overcharged.

Dora home after 2:30. She says I got overcharged and didn't get two barcodes, and also I forgot to get three more prescriptions filled. We go to the pharmacy, but it's closed, we'll deal with it on Monday. I can go to another pharmacy to do the three other prescriptions.

[Found out later: Dora met another mother from niece's school to have coffee, and while they were deep in conversation, someone stole the woman's purse, from a chair right next to them.]

Teeth hurting after dinner; took paracetamol and laid down. Feeling bad.

Out at 6:30. Cold. To ATM, to pharmacy, to fruit/veg shop.

Out at 8:30 with Dora to ECI, to buy a few things. Cold.

Took ibuprofenn at bedtime.
  2020-01-12 (Sunday)
Taxi arrives after 12:30. Dora and mother and I into it, with one huge suitcase and one small suitcase. Off to the airport.

Easy time at the airport: get the big suitcase plastic-wrapped, no line at check-in, bathroom stop, get wheelchair assistance, take mother off to Security, say good-bye, and she's gone. But I'm feeling bad; headachey and achey.

Into cafe for coffees and small sandwich and a paracetamol. Then Dora is talking on the phone for 20 before I can get her to leave.

To bus, to Placa Espanya, into L1 metro, home by 3:30 or so. Food, and feeling a bit better. Tired.

In the evening, Dora and niece baked a cake. At some point, a dish shattered on the kitchen floor, but I didn't even bother to go see what had happened. Then cake into oven, and Dora said "tell me when it's been in for 1 hour". Near the 45-minute mark, I smelled smoke and rescued it before it could get too burnt.

Ibuprofen after midnight.
  2020-01-13 (Monday)
Dora out to meeting with niece's teacher, then Catalan class. Mother arrived safely in Lima.

Dora home at 2:30, and wouldn't eat the dinner I'd cooked, she had leftovers instead. After some futzing, managed to figure out why we keep having trouble phone-calling each other: normal and WhatsApp calls have different UIs, and a permission setting for WhatsApp on my phone was wrong. Someone came over to borrow a set of crutches.

I'm out at 5 to buy some groceries and go to the fruit/veg shop.

Out before 6 with Dora. To farmacia, where we quickly determined I was NOT overcharged the other day, we just managed to spend some €160 there. To phone store to recharge niece's SIM. To Dia for groceries.

At bedtime, took ibuprofen and diazepam.
  2020-01-14 (Tuesday)
Dora out before 10, after liberating €100 from me to pay for advertising posters. She's going to pick up the posters and then work at the clinic.

She's home around 3. Dinner.

Out with Dora around 5:30. To bus, to clinic, and put up publicity "posters" on the outside windows. They're vinyl things that stick with a little water and soap. Two of them are perfect; the third has ripples that will not come out, it's made badly. But it looks okay, I think.

We loiter in the clinic for a while, then go up 5-6 blocks and stop in at the niece's gymnastics class for 10 minutes. Onto bus, out near home. Stop in Dia for a couple of essentials, then next door to a cafe for coffees. Home before 9:15.
  2020-01-15 (Wednesday)
Dora out at 9, annoyed that I'm not going with her. I'm out at 11, to ATM and then to ECI to pay water bill. Then I cooked a couple of lasagnas. They were better-received than I expected.

Out before 6 with Dora, to walk her to bus stop to go to clinic. Then I went to Dia and fruit/veg shop.

Walked niece to her tutor. And back again an hour later.

Teeth hurting later; took paracetamol.

Dora home after 10.
  2020-01-16 (Thursday)
Dora out to some medical class most of the day. I'm out at midday to do an errand at the building administration office, and then to buy a few groceries.

Before 5, I'm half-dozing on my bed, listening to MP3's, when suddenly Dora is home and yelling at me that we have to hustle to niece's school to deliver something to her as she's leaving to go to a friend's house, then gymnastics. So we hustle out, get to the school, and missed her by about 2 minutes. Dora wants me to go with her to clinic, but I go home instead.
  2020-01-17 (Friday)
Dora up at 7 and off at 8 to catch a train to Tarragona to a medical lecture. I'm up at 8:40, achey and taking an ibuprofen.

The others had tripe for dinner; I had leftover lasagna.

Online, filed my Spanish ETE tax form.

Dora home before 3.

Out around 5 with Dora. To metro, where I got on a train but she missed it. Got off at Verdaguer and waited for her. Walked about 10 blocks to a print shop, where we picked up a replacement vinyl sign/poster for the one that had ripples in it. Back to Verdaguer metro, to Joanic, onto a bus, up to the clinic. Where the owner was a bit grumpy that he was having to stay open just for us. We did the vinyl posters as quickly as possible, resetting the three we did before and adding the new one. Lots of furniture to assemble, but we'll come back and do that on Monday.

Out, up to bus stop, H6 bus to near home. Into several shops for groceries etc, home by 7:30. A bit tired.

Paid €120 for 11 more lessons with the niece's tutor, and later found out the price has increased to €130.
  2020-01-18 (Saturday)
Dora out to work 11-11, back at her regular job. I cooked chicken for dinner. Out to buy flowers for our anniversary.
  2020-01-19 (Sunday)
Dora out to work 11-11, back at her regular job.

I'm out after 3:30, into grey cold windy weather (borrasca Gloria, I think). To VA metro, connect at Diagonal, out at Poble Sec, to meet Dora at work. To a Chinese place for dinner. Food was cheap and pretty good, beef dish a little too spicy, nice to have football on the telly. She headed back to work at 4:30, I went into metro and home after 5. Windy and grey and cold.

Teeth hurting at 9; took paracetamol. At bedtime, diazepam.
  2020-01-20 (Monday)
Cold, grey morning. Dora out to Catalan class.

I cooked spaghetti-beef for dinner, to mixed reviews.

Out before 4 with Dora. Bus to clinic, where we assembled lots of furniture and a piece of medical equipment for her office. Not too difficult.

Waiting for Dora to finish talking with people, I suddenly noticed one of the paintings the main doctor has created (many of them are quite nice, but this one is funny): pic.

Out and it's raining. Ran to catch the bus, no waiting. Near home and into a bakery for coffees and pastries. I laughed at how much bigger my croissant was than Dora's two little mini-criossants: pic. Then to Dia for groceries, and to fruit/veg shop. Home after 7:45.
  2020-01-21 (Tuesday)
Dark, grey, raining. And niece deliberately left her scarf and sandwich behind when she went to school, so 45 minutes later I had to go out to deliver them. Colder than I expected, lots of rain, wind very gusty and shifting. Smallish tree blown over near the other side of the building. To school, then to a shop, then Dia for groceries.

By noon, wind stronger maybe. Moderately big tree blew over in the park across the street, and another is tilted.

Niece not going back to school in the afternoon, or to gymnastics in the evening. Apparently the govt has declared some sort of emergency condition. But Dora still has to work 3-11. The TV news footage of conditions at the seafront is pretty impressive. But then after 2:30 the story changed, niece is going to school. And later we found that her classmate went to gymnastics too, but she didn't.
  2020-01-22 (Wednesday)
Dark, grey and somewhat cold, but a lot less windy and not raining. Dora out to class. I'm out before 1, to stop at asesoria, and to pick up niece from school.

Dora home for dinner, then out to work a couple of hours at one place, then work 7-1 at another place, I think.
  2020-01-23 (Thursday)
Dora out after 10:15 for a crazy day: to the clinic, later to work 3-11, but out in the middle of that shift to go to a class 4:30-8:30.

I cooked pork-chops for dinner. In the evening, out for groceries and fruit/veg.

Dora cut her day short, just too tired, she was home after 8:30.
  2020-01-24 (Friday)
Dora heading out after 10, to go to a lecture then work 3-11. She's skipping Catalan class.

I cooked pesto-spaghetti for dinner. Afterward, out to sit in the plaza, walk, groceries, fruit/veg.
  2020-01-25 (Saturday)
Out before 10:30 with Dora, carrying a stool to use in her office in the clinic. To ATM, to shop to buy metro cards, to bus stop. Bus to clinic. Cleared out extra boxes, set up a piece of medical equipment, which Dora tested out on herself for a while.

Out of the clinic, and wandered for a while as Dora stuck business flyers into mailboxes and under doors. Street art: pic. Up to main street, bus running an odd schedule today, but she stuffed some more mailboxes, and then onto the bus.

Home by 2:40, and I'm tired, laid down for 10 minutes. But soon out again. Dora and I to a Thai restaurant I've been wanting to try for a while now.

But it turned out to be not so good. The main dishes were fine, but portions were small. The spring-rolls were poor, the tables etc were crowded, and the bill was not cheap. Oh, well.

On the way home, Dora stopped in a shop, and then we bought food in Bon Area. Home before 5; tired. Laid down for a while.

Niece's friend arrived for a sleepover. Lots of noise and screaming. Friend's mother stayed for a while. I took the girls around to the central courtyard where there's a playground. Back home, friend's mother left. Then Dora and I and the girls went out. To a church to donate clothes, then to Heron City Center. The girls wanted McDonald's, which was a mob scene. But we got our food and some tables in a fairly quiet corner, and had a nice time.

Out and stopped at a shop, then home after 9:30. Niece wants us to drag a huge mattress out of her bedroom so she and her friend can sleep on the living-room floor, but I'm vetoing that.
  2020-01-26 (Sunday)
Slept poorly from 4 AM onward. Slept until 10. Feeling achey. The girls have been up since 7, and now are charging around and giggling and yelling.

Dora has to go to the Peruvian embassy today to vote, and of course at the last minute she's searching for her Peruvian documents, and can't find them. Maybe her mother took them to Peru. And at the last minute, she decides to take the girls with her. So at 11:30 finally they're out the door, and we have some peace and quiet.

A scare at 1:30 or so, as Dora came out of the embassy and couldn't find the girls (who weren't allowed to enter). Eventually the girls had police call Dora's phone, and they were reunited. A long time ago I gave the niece a paper with all of our phone numbers on it, and I'm sure she wasn't carrying it with her, she had memorized Dora's number.

Then we waited for them to come home, holding dinner for them. And it got later and later, we got hungry, and Dora wouldn't tell me when they were going to arrive. As I expected, they were in a cafe or something. Didn't arrive until 4 or so. I put pasta carbonara on the table, to general approval.

At bedtime, took a diazepam, slept pretty well.
  2020-01-27 (Monday)
Dora out to class 12-2 and then work 3-11.

Confused dinner, I cooked chicken, I thought everyone else was eating something else, but then they all ended up eating chicken too.

Out for a walk, but it's too cold to linger. To shop for electronic items, to Dia for groceries, to fruit/veg shop.

Dora home around 11:45, and she is tired.
  2020-01-28 (Tuesday)
Dora out to beauty parlor, then to medical office I think. I'm out for meat, fruit/veg before dinner. Dora home for a late dinner, then to clinic for first patient visit (first visit is a free consultation). I'm out for sit and walk and groceries. Dora home at 8, patient visit went well.

Took diazepam before bed.
  2020-01-29 (Wednesday)
Dora out to errand and then Catalan class. I cooked ribs. Dinner, then I went out to sit and walk and buy groceries. Dora home and had her dinner. Then she's out to do an errand and then work 7-1.
  2020-01-30 (Thursday)
Dora out at 1 to clinic and then lecture then clinic and maybe more. She's irritated that I didn't go with her to carry a bag and then have lunch with her.

After dinner, out for sit and walk and groceries.

Later, son and niece out to meet Dora at the clinic. All of them home a bit before 9.

My mother would have been 90 years old today. I miss her.
  2020-01-31 (Friday)
Dora out to Catalan class. I cooked chicken and turkey and broccoli (and rice) for dinner. Out to sit in the plaza; glorious warm sunny day. Started on a walk, and ran into Dora coming home. We stopped for groceries and fruit, then home.

Out at 5 or so to walk Dora to the bus stop to go to the clinic. Then I did a little shopping, then home, then right back out to buy international calling cards.

Dora home after 8 or so.

Brexit happening tonight, at midnight our time. And watching TV reports of the spread of Coronavirus around the world. Not good.
  2020-02-01 (Saturday)
Dora out to work 11-11. I'm out after noon, to ATM, then to recharge phone SIMs for niece and mother, then to farmacia (have to go back on Monday, and also they're sold out of facemasks). To Dia for groceries. Son cooked dinner.

In the evening, headachey, took paracetamol. At bedtime, diazepam. After midnight, still headache, took ibuprofen. Didn't sleep well.
  2020-02-02 (Sunday)
Headachey; took paracetamol. Dora out to work 11-11. I went back to bed from about 11 to 12:30.

Out for groceries and fruit. Some dinner, then took a sumatriptan, then out again later for a short walk.

Diazepam at bedtime.
  2020-02-03 (Monday)
Headache before dawn; took paracetamol. Still headache at 9:30. Dora out at 10 to go to a medical office and then Catalan class.

News says first case of coronavirus found in Spain (a guy who came from Germany, I think). We're not really worried about it, but we have special interest because 4 of our family and sort-of-family here are health workers. And their jobs/schools are unlikely or unwilling to hand out face-masks until there's an immediate local problem, by which time it's too late. Plus Dora's mother has severe lung problems; a serious flu or pneumonia could kill her. Which is why it's been driving me crazy that we can't get flu shots or pills here, for love or money. Been trying for about 4 months now. Only Dora's father was able to get a free flu shot at the health center, because he's 80 or older.

Out before noon. To ATM, to niece's school to pay €197, to farmacia to buy two ampoules of lidocaine (lady said 90, I thought she meant €90, but it was €0.90).

Out after 2 to sit in the plaza for a while. Waiting for Dora to get home, but when I went home there were messages saying she went to get her hair done (again). So I had my dinner.

Dora home later, I don't see any difference in her hair.

Son is ill, took Nolotil, I went out to farmacia again to buy rehydrating supplies. Out again half an hour later for a lot more stuff.

Later still headachey, took ibuprofen.
  2020-02-04 (Tuesday)
Up at 7:20. Headache; took paracetamol.

Out at 8:45 with Dora. Hustled down to Meridiana and across Sant Andreu, to a govt housing-assistance office. There for 15 minutes or so. Street art: pic. To a cafe. To a farmacia. To Deutschebank. To a bus stop, where Dora got on H6 to go to her clinic. I walked up F-i-P, and to Dia for groceries. Home after 11.

Still achey after 1. Took ibuprofen. Felt better after dinner. Out to sit in plaza.
  2020-02-05 (Wednesday)
Did a lot of online govt-site work to gather documents.

Out before 6 with Dora, to walk her to Llucmajor metro, to go to a lecture and then work until 1. Longish walk down Molist; a bit cold out. To Dia and fruit shop.
  2020-02-06 (Thursday)
Out before 11 with Dora and son. Up to the local govt center. Did his application for a digital certificate, that I had set up. Then Dora asked for a padron, which we got. Then she took us to the TGSS office, where we waited for half an hour, then upstairs. I got irritated as she wouldn't tell me what was going on, kept telling me to shut up, while I'm the one who has used the web site for this agency. Finally out of there.

I went to Dia and then home. Dora and son went to a cafe.

Dinner. Then after 2, I walked Dora to the metro, she's going to work 3-11. I sat in the plaza, but it's a bit chilly. To Dia and fruit shop.

Dora's sister arrived in early evening. Then she was studying all evening and maybe all night (she was still going at 3:30 AM), for a big test she's taking here tomorrow.
  2020-02-07 (Friday)
Dora and sister out at 7:15 or so, going to some big test the sister has to take for a specific govt medical job-opening.

Dora home before 1. Her sister didn't pass the test, because it was in Catalan. And she was one of seven people competing for two positions.

Dinner, then walked Dora to metro to go to work 3-11. Bought some flowers she wanted, home to drop them off. To ATM to pay for Dora's next Catalan class. To Dia and fruit/veg shop. Grey and coldish out.
  2020-02-08 (Saturday)
Son off to airport at 6 or so, heading back to medical school in Slovakia. Back to bed, and up at 10.

Dora said we have to go to the clinic, the advertising vinyls are peeling off the windows. But then she starts doing a treatment on her sister, which takes all morning and into the afternoon, so we're not going. Fine with me.

I'm out after 1. To ferreteria to buy a science-project-kit thing for the niece (I'm kind of horrified to see that the bulk of it is a big non-rechargeable battery; they should have just powered everything with a USB receptacle for a phone-charger). To carnisseria (but they have no ribs), to Bon Area, then to fruit/veg shop. Cold out.

Sister left around 2.

I'm out at 8:30. To Dia for groceries, then to farmacia for a couple of items.
  2020-02-09 (Sunday)
We slept late. Quiet morning. I'm out at 2 to buy roast chicken for dinner.

Out just before 9 with Dora and niece to watch some of the Barca game at a bar or cafe. But the one we headed for has changed, now an upscale pizza place with no TV. Headed up Molist and found a small bar. Drinks and plenty of food for about €13 total, but afterward I had to mug Dora to retrieve my €5 bill change from my €20 bill. Game was 2-2 at halftime, Barca isn't doing so well lately. I think they ended up winning 3-2.
  2020-02-10 (Monday)
Dora out to Catalan class, and then work until 11 PM.

I'm out after 2, lovely sunny day. To ATM, to farmacia, sit in plaza, Dia, fruit shop.
  2020-02-11 (Tuesday)
Achey; took ibuprofen. Dora out before 11 to go to clinic. I'm out at 11:30 or so. To F-i-P metro to buy a card. To Bankia to check on something with my account. Onto H6 bus, and to Dora's clinic. Short wait, then she was done with a patient (her 2nd so far). Put tape on advertising vinyls where the corners were peeling a little. Arranged for her metal placard to be caulked onto the outside of the building.

Out, and started a longish walk. Stopped 1/3 of the way and had lunch at a nice Syrian restaurant; everything was good except the felafels. pic.

Out, and walked down to near Diagonal metro. To Abacus bookstore, and bought about €70 of language textbooks.

To Diagonal metro station. Inside, stopped at a mobile-phone shop and bought new case and protective cover (€22) for Dora's phone from a couple of nice young Kashmiri guys. Also bought a used book for the niece at another stall.

Onto crowded train, and home by 4:35. Tired.

Dora's sister arrived around 6. And did lots of shopping and then packing all evening, she and niece are going to Peru tomorrow.
  2020-02-12 (Wednesday)
Out with Dora before 11. Across Meridiana to a wig shop, to buy a wig to send to Peru. But the shop was closed. Dora off to her Catalan class, I went to ATM and then Dia and then home.

Finally got sister and niece and luggage out of the apartment after 12:45, and down to street. Taxi appeared before 1, and we piled in. I looked around and found that Dora's father was with us too; didn't expect that.

To airport by 1:30 or so, sister and niece checked in, got wheelchair assistance because the sister has a leg problem. Left them at Security by 2:15, father and I caught a bus by running. I had to stand all the way on the bus and halfway on the metro. To fruit shop and home by 3:45, tired.

Immediately Dora said we we have to go back to pick up the niece, her passport wasn't valid far enough into the future for her to travel. They got all the way to the gate before being told that.

But 15 minutes later the story has changed, sister and niece both missed the flight, they will do new passport in the airport and leave the luggage there and come here for the night, then fly tomorrow. So Dora's father and I don't have to go back to the airport today.

The others were home before 6, and they have all the luggage, they didn't stash any at the airport.

Dora out to work 7-1.

Wow, the Mobile World Conference here in Barcelona is cancelled because of coronavirus fears leading many big vendors to pull out. A big deal, a big blow to the economy here.
  2020-02-13 (Thursday)
Up at 5:30. Trying to get a taxi for 6:30. But the taxi guy we had yesterday is at the airport right now, and sister wants to wait for him. So hurry up and wait, as usual.

Into taxi by 6:45 or so. Dora talking the whole way to the airport, to the driver and her sister, while I want to doze and listen to my MP3s. To check-in by 7:15 or so, and they're not open yet.

Wait 10-15 minutes, check-in takes a while, but finally they're in. Wait for a wheelchair for sister, off to the special Security entrance, Dora wanting to wave to them interminably until they were out of sight on the other side. Dora says because of their last-minute ticket change, they're going to be connecting in Brazil on their way to Peru, and will be traveling for 24 hours.

To cafe for coffee and snack. Then to bus. Long ride to Placa Espanya, but we had seats. Metro L1. Dora out at Urquinaona to go to her clinic. I go to F-i-P, up to Dia for groceries.

Home by 10:40. Tired.

Dora home at 1. I'm wiped out, tired, cold, lying down. She's still doing pretty well, despite far less sleep. Fortunately she doesn't have to work her main job today.

Dora out at 4 to hair salon.

We crashed for a long nap in the evening. I'm up at 9:45, but Dora still sleeping at 11:30. She had wanted to go dancing, but it didn't happen.
  2020-02-14 (Friday)
Sister and niece have arrived okay in Lima.

Dora out to Catalan class. I cooked ribs and pesto-spaghetti for dinner. Felt a bit achey, took ibuprofen.

Out at 5 or so with Dora, carrying a lamp and some other stuff. To H6 bus, to clinic. Opened up a huge box and took out a big metal-and-glass locking cabinet, and Dora is happy that now she can display and lock up her expensive medicines. Took pictures of her equipment and serial numbers.

Out, and we wandered toward Joanic metro as Dora put advertising into mailslots. Into a market and put some there too. Skies are overcast but it's pleasant out. Back up and into metro.

To Urquinaona, connect, out at Glories. And we're in the "Llum BCN" festival, a thing with various light-displays. We went into the design museum and hit the bathroom and then the cafe.

Long line for some light-displays inside the museum, so we didn't bother. Out and took various pictures. Nice big full-moon display hanging from a crane, nice green laser bouncing across the sky from one tall building to others, Agbar building all lit up as usual, lots of people. Nice. We wandered, and almost got into line for a couple of inside exhibits, but just didn't feel like waiting in line.

Wandered in a circle, saw some interesting light-displays, some nice-looking hotels and office-buildings, sat for a while.

Then back into metro. Out at F-i-P, and the independentistas are blocking car-traffic in the big intersection again. Home through quiet streets, tired, home by 10:30.

As I expected, most of my pictures didn't come out well, but several of Dora's were okay: pics (first three are mine).
  2020-02-15 (Saturday)
Dora out to work 11-11. I'm out in midafternoon to hit ATM, buy an electrical adapter, take a walk, go to fruit/veg shop. Out at 6 to recharge my phone SIM, and get groceries. Dora home before midnight. My teeth hurting; took ibuprofen and diazepam before bed.
  2020-02-16 (Sunday)
Dora out to work 11-11. I went out in midafternoon for a couple of groceries. Dora home before midnight.
  2020-02-17 (Monday)
Dora out to Catalan class. I cooked chicken. Dora home around 2:30. I'm out with Dora at 4:30 or so, to bus stop where she went to clinic. I sat in the plaza, walked, got groceries.
  2020-02-18 (Tuesday)
Out after 10 with Dora and father. To VA metro, two stops to Horta, walked to Agencia Tributaria (tax) office. Had to wait 20+ minutes, and Dora went downstairs to start some other process. Eventually to the counter, and the lady was not happy that we had one cita to get certificates for three people. But eventually she pushed the buttons, and we should get them in the mail in a week or more. Back downstairs, and it turns out the agency has old mailing addresses for everyone (except me). I'm shocked, shocked I tell you.

Finally out after noon, and to a cafe for coffees and snacks. Then headed for metro, but Dora disappeared into a clothing shop for 10+ minutes and came out with a big bag of stuff. Into metro, and home before 12:45.

After 2, walked Dora to the metro to go work 3-11. I sat in the plaza, hit an ATM, went to Dia for groceries.

I poured the cake-batter Dora had made and put them in the oven, but the tops got pretty brown pretty quickly while the insides stayed a bit soupy.

In late evening, suddenly Dora is sending messages that she wants to go to Malaga about 36 hours from now, for a medical conference. So suddenly I have to investigate plane and train tickets, and of course she wants me to go with her. I don't want to go. And she's booked full all day tomorrow, how is she going to get ready to travel ?

Dora home just before midnight.

At 1 AM, bought a plane ticket for her to go to Malaga. Return will have to be done later, it's complicated.
  2020-02-19 (Wednesday)
I'm up at 7:30, but we're changing plans, not going to a somewhat-early appointment downtown. I had intended to check flights and trains for Dora and go back to bed, but everything took longer than expected, and I never got back to bed. Got an AirBNB for her in Malaga. But still no flight/train back on Sunday. Cancelled appointment we had at 10 in the center.

Out after 10 with Dora and father. A bit cold out. Up to local govt center, where I stood in line in one office while Dora and father went to another office. They were finished and back before I got through the line and got a chance to use my limited Spanish skills. Then the lady wouldn't let us in to do our task, have to get an appointment online (and the soonest one is almost 2 weeks from now). She was adamant, we had to give up. Not important, the other office was the important one.

To a cafe for coffees and sandwiches. Then Dora to a bus to Catalan class, father and I stopped at a bakery, I got groceries at Dia. Home before 11:30.

Dora out after 6 to work 7-1.

Around 7:30, Dora sends a message that she can't go on the trip, her job couldn't find someone to cover her shifts. So I cancel the AirBNB, losing about €56, and the plane ticket is a total loss of €135, no cancellation allowed. Grr !

Headache before bed; took paracetamol.
  2020-02-20 (Thursday)
Slept late. Cooked turkey and chicken for dinner. Out at 2:15 to walk Dora to metro, to work 3-11. Sat in plaza, walked, got groceries.
  2020-02-21 (Friday)
Dora out to Catalan class, and then work 3-11. Spaghetti and leftover chicken for dinner, then I went out in midafternoon to sit and walk and get groceries and fruit.
  2020-02-22 (Saturday)
Out with Dora, to near her clinic, put advertising in a lot of mailboxes. Street art: pics. To clinic and I spent some time un-freezing the laptop she has there. Out and put more advertising. Into metro, out at Llucmajor, and to cafe for a while.

In early evening, up to local govt center to see if any Carnaval event is happening, but too early, and it's cold. Back home.

Out with Dora later in the evening, but we can't find Carnaval stuff anywhere. Had a nice walk, although Dora was on her phone for 2/3 of it.
  2020-02-23 (Sunday)
Out in early afternoon with Dora and father. Down to Meridiana and found a Peruvian restaurant we were looking for, called Komeridiana. Pretty good food, although Dora said the meat was not spiced enough. Pic. And she spent 2/3 of the time on her phone, as well as being on the phone most of the way home, too. Gorgeous sunny weather, fairly warm.
  2020-02-24 (Monday)
Dora out to class and then work. I was out in midafternoon to sit and walk and buy groceries.

Dora home after midnight, and her mother sister niece arrived from the airport (from Peru) about 5 minutes later.

After getting all the luggage up and saying hi to everyone, I went to bed. Lots of craziness happening early tomorrow. But I think the others (except the niece) sayed up for a while.
  2020-02-25 (Tuesday)
Up just before 8, to find that Dora is late for her 8 AM appointment with teacher at niece's school. And to find that now I'm tagged to get mother into a taxi for her 9 AM appointment.

At the school, Dora has run into problems, the teacher is not there, no one knows about the appointment, director won't tell her anything. [But later her sister joined her, and things got cleared up, the situation is okay.]

So, out before 8:45 to try to find a taxi. I couldn't find one, her parents joined me, and we walked about 1/3 of the way to the medical clinic before getting a taxi. Arrived at 9:05, and the doctor didn't see us until 9:25 or so. I'm not 100% clear on why we're here, but I tried my best. Dora not answering her phone, and then I missed a call from her. Fortunately after 5-10 minutes Dora arrived and took over. Then her father joined them for his appointment, same doctor.

Eventually out, and downstairs to make more appointments, then out. Slow walk, with Dora and her mother talking, and I gave up waiting and went ahead. Stopped at an ATM, which was fortunate. Because got home and found the sister ready to get into a taxi to the airport, and she had no cash on her. Gave her €90 and helped her load up, and finally she's off. I'm home after 10:30. Tired and a bit headachey, haven't had my exercise and shower. Dora and mother home 5 minutes later.

Took a paracetamol, and out with Dora after 11. To a farmacia, where we find we don't have mother's new prescriptions, doctor must not have given it to them. Bought other things, got a refund of past things, the money came to about zero.

To carnisseria and bought a big load of meat. Home by noon.

Dinner, Dora off to clinic, later I'm out to sit in plaza. But it's cool and grey out. Got groceries and went home.

Dora home at 6 or so, bringing the laptop from her clinic, it's not working again. I look at it, the cursor moves but won't click on anything, then parts of the UI start working for no apparent reason, then the whole screen resets and now everything works. Alarming. Installed Malwarebytes and ran it. It found 5 malwares and 8 PUPs; quarantined them.

In the evening, Dora crashed to sleep until midnight; she's going to study much of the night for a Catalan test tomorrow. I think most of the rest of us are out of energy too.

Woke Dora at midnight, and she sat semi-sleeping in front of the TV until 1. Then she started stirring to start studying, and I went to bed.
  2020-02-26 (Wednesday)
I'm up at 9; Dora has been studying since 1. Dora out after 11 to class and take a test. She came back saying it was okay.

Late dinner. Out in late afternoon, but it's too cold to sit in the plaza. To a shop to buy a frying-pan, then to Dia and fruit shop. Achey; took ibuprofen.

Dora is tired, but she's out to work 7-1. I paid €130 for more tutoring-sessions for the niece.

Dora home at 2 or so. Fortunately her 8 AM patient at the clinic has cancelled or rescheduled.
  2020-02-27 (Thursday)
Had to get Dora up at 8:30, because we had to get straight all of our appointments today. Necessary, but she groused at me for doing it. Then she won't go back to bed, and we're arguing about N other things. At 10:15 she's out to see a patient at the clinic.

Out at 12:15 or so with mother. Slow walk to medical clinic, with a couple of stops to rest, through cool windy weather. As we arrived, we were joined by father and niece. Inside about 10 minutes before our 1:00 appointment, but no sign of Dora and she's really the only one who knows what's going on.

Doctor calls us around 1:30, and SNAFU. Niece and mother are in the bathroom. I give health card and list of items from Dora to the doctor, soon joined by the niece. The doctor doesn't understand the list, the niece doesn't like a couple of items on the list, soon we're kicked out of the office.

We mill around, niece back into bathroom, doctor calls us in again. Mother goes in, a bit later niece goes in, 5 minutes later Dora shows up and goes in.

Eventually out, and Dora is mad, nothing was accomplished.

Out and try to decide where to go. Mother and father and I have to be right back here at 4, and it's 2 now. Eventually we end up in McDonald's in HCC for some food.

Then niece and father to school, Dora off to a class, mother and I do slow walk back to medical clinic. Joined by father as we arrive. Up to the place by 3:10, but no chance of getting in early. We start waiting.

I'm surprised when Dora shows up at 3:55. [Turns out her class was cancelled in the last 24 hours, and she missed the notice about it.] Then they're in at 4, later out and over to a ECG unit, later back to nurse's office. This visit is going well, they're communicating well and scheduling lots of tests and such.

Eventually out. Dora off to find a taxi and go look at an office for rent. Mother and I start slow walk home, stopping to pick up lots of heavy fruit and groceries. I carry them all, and it's a bit wearing to walk

Home at 5:30. Tired.

Ten minutes later Dora is calling to say a taxi is coming, she wants us to go to another hospital. I say no, I'm not going.

Before 6, Dora and niece into taxi and they're off.

Around 7:30, I'm out to ATM and then groceries.

Dora and niece home before 9. The visit to the hospital was mostly futile.
  2020-02-28 (Friday)
Headache at dawn; took ibuprofen. Dora out around 9:30 to do errands. I'm out at 10:15 to go meet her at the far end of Sant Andreu at the housing office. I get there by 10:50 and start waiting. Street art: pic.

She shows up at 11:45, just the time her Catalan class is starting half a mile away. Into the office, and we're short a couple of documents, one of which (marriage cert for her parents) is going to be near-impossible to get.

Out, head for her class, but instead into a cafe for bathroom and coffees and she starts working on her homework. After 20 minutes, I convince her to go to class instead. I walk her over to there, then I head home, stopping at the fruit/veg shop. Home by 1:15 or so.
  2020-02-29 (Saturday)
[I'm going to try to write less, only about more noteworthy things.]

Dora's family (at least on the female side) has a bit of an old-world superstitious streak in them. Today her mother is lighting candles and praying a rosary to try to ward the COVID-19 virus away.
  2020-03-01 (Sunday)
In midafternoon, took metro to Dora's work and had dinner with her in a Chinese restaurant. Today they had a possible case of COVID-19 at her clinic. And she's very critical of their lack of masks and poor procedures: by the time a doctor makes a diagnosis that a patient is a candidate for having COVID-19, that patient has been waiting next to 30 other patients for half an hour or more, then seen by a nurse and then a doctor who are not masked.

After dinner, I strolled down Parallel. Lots of street art, including a whole park-full with half a dozen guys creating new art: pics. To Las Ramblas and into metro and home.
  2020-03-02 (Monday)
At 12:45, Dora asked me to meet her at the housing office on the other side of Sant Andreu. So I hustled to get over there by 1:40, waited 50 minutes until they closed, no Dora. Called her and turns out she never saw my WhatsApp response saying I would meet her there. Sigh. Street art: pics.
  2020-03-03 (Tuesday)
Out before 11 with Dora's father, to local govt center to get a digital certificate. Had to wait 10-15 minutes, got in and started, and then Dora showed up with her mother in tow. As usual, she tried to get two other unscheduled things done. Today, it all worked, we got a cert for her mother too, and an answer to my padron question.

Around the corner and into the library, to get cards for parents and maybe niece.

Parents went home, Dora and I to a cafe. Later onto a bus, and to housing office. Where everything worked again, we're 3 for 3 today. Got our registration / application all done, now wait for email and get on a web site.

Out and to a cafe. Eventually Dora headed for work and I headed home. Hit an ATM on the way.

Out at 3:30 with mother, to dentist. Then I paid niece's school (€197), bought fruit.
  2020-03-04 (Wednesday)
Dora sick with fever and aching, starting around 4 AM. Went with her to clinic urgencias at 11, seen at 11:45, she's skipping Catalan class and not going to work. Street art: pic. Back home eventually, a bite of dinner, then she's dragging me out to walk with her to a bank. Did that, and then on way back she stopped in a beauty parlor place for an appointment; I went home.
  2020-03-05 (Thursday)
Dora still very sick, although she did sleep last night. There's some non-zero chance she has COVID-19. And I don't know what we can do to keep it from getting to her mother and killing her mother, who has long-standing lung problems.
  2020-03-06 (Friday)
Dora still pretty sick. But pumped up with Nolotil, she felt well enough to go out to Catalan class. She was out the door before I thought to argue with her about it.
  2020-03-07 (Saturday)
Dora up at 4:30 AM, feeling worse and vomiting once. She called for an ambulance or home visit, but they told her just to stay at home and take pills, I think. At 5:45 the health service called back, they're consulting with a doctor, etc.

Back to bed for an hour or so. Call at 7, someone's coming at 8 to evaluate Dora.

They arrived before 9:30, two medics, and one put on gown and mask etc out in the vestibule in front of our apartment door before one came in. But they were gone after 10 minutes, all the medic did was talk to Dora and take a throat culture for testing. They didn't even take temperatures from any of us. I think that's crazy.

Later Dora sent me a parody video about the coronavirus. I thought it was in Spanish, but later found it's Italian.
  2020-03-08 (Sunday)
Out with Dora and niece for lunch, and when we saw octopus on the counter (pic), Dora couldn't resist ordering some to go for her father (not as much as shown in the picture, and not exactly that one, probably its brother). It turned out to be quite expensive. But her father loved it.
  2020-03-09 (Monday)
Dora went to Catalan class. In late afternoon we went to dentist and found that the planned €1850 bill is to fix just one of the problems in her mother's teeth. All schools in Madrid comunidad are closing for 2 weeks because of COVID-19. Son's medical school in Slovakia is stopping classes for 10 days, at least one student has COVID-19.
  2020-03-10 (Tuesday)
Dora went to the medical center to get a renewal of her "don't have to work" paper, and they held her in a room for a couple of hours, trying to find out the results of the virus test on the sample taken three days ago. Couldn't find out the result, let her go anyway. And with no examination other than a stethoscope to listen to her lungs. Seems crazy that they're not automatically taking everyone's temperature now, in the clinics and in the airports. And in fact a routine doctor's visit here usually does not include stuff they probably would do routinely in USA, such as checking BP and temperature.
  2020-03-11 (Wednesday)
Out three times to stores to load up on groceries. Dia is running a bit short on toilet paper and rice. Normal fruit shop is closed; sign says for vacation. In midafternoon, I was out to sit and walk, and then to Dia for more groceries.

In late afternoon, out with Dora to buy medicines, including some extra antibiotics and a thermometer. Then we went home and all had fun taking our temperatures, multiple times. Niece is a little high (37.5), father a little low (35), the other three of us in the middle (35.8).
  2020-03-12 (Thursday)
Home for the dinner break, niece says a neighbor of one of her schoolmates has COVID-19. And then the news says all schools in Catalunya will close starting Monday, and stay closed for the rest of the month.

Suddenly before 5, we're told niece's gymnastics class for tonight is cancelled, and school for tomorrow is cancelled too. We hustle to the school, but too late to retrieve all of her books. They say we'll be able to get them tomorrow, probably. Later find the niece has brought them all home already.

Dora's Catalan classes cancelled too.
  2020-03-13 (Friday)
Dora and I take her mother to dentist appointment, and now the office has adopted anti-virus measures: staff wearing masks, and you're not supposed to approach the front desk too closely (but I violated that, didn't realize). And the private clinic where Dora rents an office is closing for the rest of the month (but I'm sure she still has to pay the rent).

Niece woke up sick and running a bit of a temperature.

Out in midafternoon for a sit and walk. Beautiful sunny warm day. To Dia for groceries, and there's plenty of food, but they're mostly out of eggs and pasta and rice and many kinds of bread.

Changed son's plane tickets so he'll come home from Slovakia on Sunday instead of 3.5 weeks from now. His university is closed and no telling when it will re-open.

Out in early evening with Dora to do more panic-food-shopping.

Dora's sister arrived from the South, so now we are six. On Sunday, when son arrives, we will be seven in the apartment.

But later, son is finding there is no transport from Slovakia to Hungary, where he would board the plane. Yesterday may have been the last day he could get across the border.
  2020-03-14 (Saturday)
The women are in a frenzy of shopping today, only part of it for food. And everyone out seems a little stressed. Govt declaring a state of emergency for the whole country. Son can't get out of Slovakia, not even supposed to leave his apartment, changed his flight to Mar 27, hopes things will be better by then.

In the evening, we hear that Spain is declaring an emergency; starting Monday we're supposed to stay home except for certain reasons (food shopping, and work, mainly).
  2020-03-15 (Sunday)
Dora's sister was able to fly back to the South, which is a relief, if she had been stuck here she would have missed days at work.
  2020-03-16 (Monday)
Cool, grey, breezy day. TV is full of warnings that you can get ticket and fine and even jail for going outside inappropriately, but I see a fair number of people out walking their dogs.

Raining after noon; another reason to stay inside. We can't find out anything about our appointments this afternoon, and the whole medical system web site seems to be saying "no one has or can make appointments", so I guess it's all called off.
  2020-03-17 (Tuesday)
Online, filed my US federal income tax return. Used , which is free and good but has one massive bug: it is easy to miss the tax calculation and think you owe zero. [Took two more tries at filing to get it right.]

Out at 12:45 with Dora. To carnisseria and then Dia. Mostly just food shops open, and signs asking people to stay at least 1 meter apart.
  2020-03-18 (Wednesday)
Dora out to medical center to see if she can renew her "off sick from work" status. They did renew it; she doesn't have to work. But they still have no test results or information about the sample taken from her 11 days ago by an ambulance-type crew. Maybe it was lost, never tested, or tested negative. Who knows ? At the door of the center, they were turning away non-urgent cases, but she talked her way inside and they actually measured her temperature and pulse-oxygen level, which is new.

Out at 1:30 with Dora. To farmacia, where they weren't letting people inside, everything is done through the sliding window in the door. To fruit shop, then home. I went back out to Dia for groceries. They're a little low on eggs, but have everything else, and a big truck was outside delivering more food. Not at all crowded in the store, normal.

In the evening, online, filed my FBAR tax declaration with USA. So I've done 3 out of the 6 tax filings I have to do each year (2 for USA and 4 for Spain).
  2020-03-19 (Thursday)
Online, filed my Spanish 720 tax declaration.
  2020-03-20 (Friday)
Dora and her mother are burning some Peruvian leaves all over the apartment, so the smoke will drive away the virus. I'm screeching about the computer hard disks not liking smoke, and demanding to see Dora's medical school certificate.

Out with Dora after noon, to phone shop to recharge mother's and niece's SIMs, then to Dia for groceries.
  2020-03-21 (Saturday)
I'm told that yesterday, Dora's sister's family in the North was starting their usual weekly drive from relative's apartment in Bilbao to her house in Ampuero, when they were stopped by police and told they can't have 4 people in the car. Parents and two 5-year-old twins ? They were either turned back or decided to turn back, for fear of not being able to do the return trip on Sunday night. [A day later, they received notice of a ticket.]

Before this all started, niece was taking lessons with a private tutor, a nice former-teacher lady. We just found out the lady's husband is seriously ill in hospital with the virus, and the lady is home and sick (but has family to help her). Apparently she's short of money, so I started an advance payment of €130 for next set of lessons.
  2020-03-22 (Sunday)
Headache; took paracetamol and eventually went back to bed for a while. But temperature normal.
  2020-03-23 (Monday)
Raining in early morning, sunny later. Headache; took paracetamol. In midafternoon took ibuprofen.

Out in midafternoon with Dora to do food-shopping. We're wearing masks, and my nice medical mask is too tight on my nose and fogging up my eyeglasses. Almost immediately we saw a police car, which freaked out Dora, but we're doing nothing wrong, and they weren't interested in us. To Dia for a huge load of stuff. They have just about everything except bleach, and the bread shelves are a bit low. Stopped for fruit on the way home.
  2020-03-24 (Tuesday)
Up a bit late, and Dora's father is already out to a medical appointment. Wish I'd printed a form for him to carry, in case he's stopped by the police.

Cool, breezy morning. Headache; took ibuprofen.

Out in early evening with Dora to go to the farmacia a block away. Cold out.

Airline that son was going to use to fly here from medical school in Slovakia has cancelled all flights through May. Online, I requested a refund of the tickets, but there's no way to ask for a refund of the change fee I paid. And I don't think all the money is coming back. And it's first coming as a credit for future travel, which supposedly later can be converted into a refund of real money.
  2020-03-25 (Wednesday)
I'm seeing a few workers in and outside the park across the street, which has been under major construction for a year. First time I've seen workers there in more than a week. I think they were just delivering or removing some materials. Maybe retrieving stuff that's needed elsewhere to build clinics or hospital or something ? Total guess.

Out in early evening with Dora. Cold and wet out. To farmacia, but it was closed. To clothing-donation box. Dora to fruit shop while I went to Dia for groceries. Store seemed to have everything but bleach. Noticed that the church was open; no mass happening but a few people inside.

Tried to get Skype working to son in Slovakia. Just could not get it to work properly on Dora's laptop; something has changed. Installed it on a spare laptop and it worked there.
  2020-03-26 (Thursday)
In early afternoon, Dora sent me out to farmacia (and to take out garbage). Despite calling ahead to check, farmacia didn't have the medicine.

This is crazy: I have an N95 mask with an exhalation valve. I'm not sure if I'm wearing it upside-down; should the valve be up or down (above or below the midpoint) ? Did a bunch of online searching and can NOT find the answer. And of course there's no simple "this way up" arrow on the mask itself. Finally I looked at the pictures on the plastic sleeve the mask came in, and they're not easy to see, but they show the valve should be up.
  2020-03-27 (Friday)
  2020-03-28 (Saturday)
Niece not feeling well. In midday her temperature read normal, in the evening it read high. Not sure the readings are reliable.
  2020-03-29 (Sunday)
Niece feeling better. Dora got her to do lots of homework in the evening.
  2020-03-30 (Monday)
Found out why the niece was doing homework last night; at 10 this morning she got onto a Google Meet video meeting with her class at school. Of course, since it was the first time, she was 15 minutes late getting on, we had to figure out what to do.

Took the school 2 weeks to get started on this, which seems slow. And I was trying to ask what their plan was, a couple of days before they closed. I guess they had no plan in place.
  2020-03-31 (Tuesday)
Niece had 10 AM school video-call again. School emailed a newsletter that said they're handling grades 1-4 differently from grades 5 and up, and they had a lot of help from parents in setting up the systems. And I think her video-calls are just with one teacher so far, one subject.

Son in Slovakia is part of a group of students etc trying to get Spanish embassy to sponsor a charter-bus to bring them back to Spain. It's complicated.

Out in early afternoon with Dora, to Dia for a huge load of groceries.

Out again in early evening with Dora. To carnisseria for a big load of meat, then to Dia for mostly snacks and such.
  2020-04-01 (Wednesday)
  2020-04-02 (Thursday)
Before noon, Dora out to bank, buy book for niece's schooling.

Supposedly Dora's son will be getting on a special charter-bus in Slovakia tomorrow and probably arriving in Spain on Sunday with 50 or so other Spaniards. But apparently the Slovakia/Austria border is closed, and I wouldn't be surprised if they have trouble crossing other borders. When they arrive in Spain, will they be put in quarantine ? The Spanish consulate in Slovakia is involved, but maybe not helping very much. We'll see.

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