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  2020-01-01 (Wednesday)
Quiet day. I cooked a big chicken dinner for the two of us. Dora doing lots of ironing, then learning how to make a web site (!).
  2020-01-02 (Thursday)
Quiet day. Out in early evening to take out garbage and get groceries and fruit/veg. Cold out. Out at 9 or so with Dora to take out more garbage, take clothes to a donation box, stop in a church, and check on a business she needs to go to tomorrow. Cold.
  2020-01-03 (Friday)
Out at 11:30 or so with Dora. To gestor to see about last year's tax return, and Dora's coming change to working a second job. Then to H6 bus, and to a medical clinic where she's going to rent an office. Interesting place, it's partly Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and reflexology, which I think are mostly nonsense. But the rest of it seems serious, the people are nice, I had a good conversation with one guy. Took a long time, and I got bored. Out around 2:30, stop in a bar for bathroom and coffees, into metro, home after 3. Cooked spaghetti for dinner.

Dora out later to gestor again, but they're closed, which probably means we missed a tax appeal deadline, bummer.

Teeth hurting at bedtime, took paracetamol.
  2020-01-04 (Saturday)
Out at 10 or so with Dora, hauling a suitcase and two bags, full of medical/office stuff. To H6 bus, to clinic, and put it all in her office there. I went online and we bought a domain for her, so she can have a web site. Still have to build the underlying pages. Eventually out and home after 1.

Online, used to make a web site for Dora, but we're going to wait a couple of days to make it live, need to get her tax paperwork done first.

Took a diazepam, slept well.
  2020-01-05 (Sunday)
Finally managed to confirm that our ISP does update the firmware in our router every now and then. Couldn't get an answer out of them, so I had to start recording firmware version number periodically.

Quiet day. I cooked chicken-rice-broccoli for dinner. Most exciting thing we did was take the garbage out in the evening, and take clothes to a donation box.
  2020-01-06 (Monday)
Apparently it's ANOTHER holiday here, today. I wanted to get going on several things with banks and gestor, but it all has to wait until tomorrow.

A couple of friends came over to chat with Dora and pick up a free mattress we're giving away.

Out in early evening to take garbage out, and take more clothes to the donation box, but the box is mostly full. Coldish out.
  2020-01-07 (Tuesday)
Dora out at 9:30 to go to bank, gestor, etc.

Found out Dora's son is not coming on the bus from the North today, he's sick.

I'm out at noon. Longish walk to bank, and was able to change my phone number via the ATM instead of having to stand through the line. To niece's school, but they've just opened for the year and can't accept cash payment today, come back tomorrow. To carnisseria to buy ribs. To fruit/veg shop to buy a ton of stuff. Home and started cooking.

Out at 5:30. To bus station by 6:15 to meet the family coming back from the north. They were supposed to arrive at 6:30, I think they actually arrived more like 7, and they sat in the far corner of the station and it took us half an hour to find each other. Finally met, to a large taxi, home by 8 or so.

After some futzing with Support at the domain registrar, got Dora's web site live. It's missing a lot of stuff, needs lots of work, but the basics are there.

Bad headache starting about 2 AM, and I was slow to take medicine. Took paracetamol at 3 or so, didn't work too well. Slept badly.
  2020-01-08 (Wednesday)
Bad headache. Took sumatriptan around 9 and stayed in bed. Stomach feeling queasy a few times. Dora out to Catalan class.

I stayed in bed until 1:30 in the afternoon. Still headache, but I got up and took ibuprofen and had a shower and a little food, felt a bit better. After dinner with Dora, felt okay but still medicined-up.

In late afternoon, out. To niece's school to pay tuition. To pharmacy for four prescriptions, including more sumatriptan, but the whole bill came to €12. To shop to buy an extension cord. To Dia for groceries. Dora's out to a place to print posters for her clinic, probably annoyed that I didn't go with her.

Did some more work on Dora's web site. Got it working on Chrome on mobile, but something's funky with it on Firefox on mobile. Later, Dora insisted on taking over the editing; hope she doesn't destroy it.
  2020-01-09 (Thursday)
Headachey, but felt better after ibuprofen and breakfast.

Dora out to clinic. She's going to sign a one-year lease, despite me querying her for a couple of weeks now about whether it was month-by-month. She wants me to go with her, but I'm not going.

Out before 4 with Dora, but we split up. I took her mother's phone to a mobile store to try to recharge the SIM, but no luck. Can't get the back off it, either.

Dora home at 8. Out with her before 9, to another phone store, where the guy got the SIM recharged. Apparently it's on some plan that has to be recharged on the first of every month.

Read the contract Dora signed with the clinic, and they mangled her address a bit, but added a clause saying either party can terminate with a month's notice. Great !

At bedtime, took diazepam.
  2020-01-10 (Friday)
Grey, cold and raining. Headachey, took ibuprofen.

News from Peru: the house-ownership/land-deed papers are done (after 3 years of effort), and Dora's mother has to go there NOW to pick them up.

Apparently at the niece's gymnastics class last night, a girl broke an ankle, and the response was not good. So now the niece wants to change gymnastics schools. [Later found the story was wrong, someone fell and was bruised and cried, no big deal.]

Dora out to Catalan class.

Out at 6:30 with Dora, to a farmacia a couple of blocks away. Where she took an eternity to buy and order all kinds of medicines for her mother, who is about to go to Peru for 2 months (I'm surprised it's for so long). I paid €50, Dora liberated another €50 from me for a monthly metro pass tomorrow, and I have to go back tomorrow morning and get more stuff and pay another €80+.

At bedtime, took diazepam and paracetamol.
  2020-01-11 (Saturday)
Dora out after 9 to do posters for clinic.

I'm out at 11 to farmacia. A bit confusing, but paid €104 for two medicines and four big boxes of stuff, and did two trips to haul it all home. Dora will have to check to see if I got overcharged.

Dora home after 2:30. She says I got overcharged and didn't get two barcodes, and also I forgot to get three more prescriptions filled. We go to the pharmacy, but it's closed, we'll deal with it on Monday. I can go to another pharmacy to do the three other prescriptions.

[Found out later: Dora met another mother from niece's school to have coffee, and while they were deep in conversation, someone stole the woman's purse, from a chair right next to them.]

Teeth hurting after dinner; took paracetamol and laid down. Feeling bad.

Out at 6:30. Cold. To ATM, to pharmacy, to fruit/veg shop.

Out at 8:30 with Dora to ECI, to buy a few things. Cold.

Took ibuprofenn at bedtime.
  2020-01-12 (Sunday)
Taxi arrives after 12:30. Dora and mother and I into it, with one huge suitcase and one small suitcase. Off to the airport.

Easy time at the airport: get the big suitcase plastic-wrapped, no line at check-in, bathroom stop, get wheelchair assistance, take mother off to Security, say good-bye, and she's gone. But I'm feeling bad; headachey and achey.

Into cafe for coffees and small sandwich and a paracetamol. Then Dora is talking on the phone for 20 before I can get her to leave.

To bus, to Placa Espanya, into L1 metro, home by 3:30 or so. Food, and feeling a bit better. Tired.

In the evening, Dora and niece baked a cake. At some point, a dish shattered on the kitchen floor, but I didn't even bother to go see what had happened. Then cake into oven, and Dora said "tell me when it's been in for 1 hour". Near the 45-minute mark, I smelled smoke and rescued it before it could get too burnt.

Ibuprofen after midnight.
  2020-01-13 (Monday)
Dora out to meeting with niece's teacher, then Catalan class. Mother arrived safely in Lima.

Dora home at 2:30, and wouldn't eat the dinner I'd cooked, she had leftovers instead. After some futzing, managed to figure out why we keep having trouble phone-calling each other: normal and WhatsApp calls have different UIs, and a permission setting for WhatsApp on my phone was wrong. Someone came over to borrow a set of crutches.

I'm out at 5 to buy some groceries and go to the fruit/veg shop.

Out before 6 with Dora. To farmacia, where we quickly determined I was NOT overcharged the other day, we just managed to spend some €160 there. To phone store to recharge niece's SIM. To Dia for groceries.

At bedtime, took ibuprofen and diazepam.
  2020-01-14 (Tuesday)
Dora out before 10, after liberating €100 from me to pay for advertising posters. She's going to pick up the posters and then work at the clinic.

She's home around 3. Dinner.

Out with Dora around 5:30. To bus, to clinic, and put up publicity "posters" on the outside windows. They're vinyl things that stick with a little water and soap. Two of them are perfect; the third has ripples that will not come out, it's made badly. But it looks okay, I think.

We loiter in the clinic for a while, then go up 5-6 blocks and stop in at the niece's gymnastics class for 10 minutes. Onto bus, out near home. Stop in Dia for a couple of essentials, then next door to a cafe for coffees. Home before 9:15.
  2020-01-15 (Wednesday)
Dora out at 9, annoyed that I'm not going with her. I'm out at 11, to ATM and then to ECI to pay water bill. Then I cooked a couple of lasagnas. They were better-received than I expected.

Out before 6 with Dora, to walk her to bus stop to go to clinic. Then I went to Dia and fruit/veg shop.

Walked niece to her tutor. And back again an hour later.

Teeth hurting later; took paracetamol.

Dora home after 10.
  2020-01-16 (Thursday)
Dora out to some medical class most of the day. I'm out at midday to do an errand at the building administration office, and then to buy a few groceries.

Before 5, I'm half-dozing on my bed, listening to MP3's, when suddenly Dora is home and yelling at me that we have to hustle to niece's school to deliver something to her as she's leaving to go to a friend's house, then gymnastics. So we hustle out, get to the school, and missed her by about 2 minutes. Dora wants me to go with her to clinic, but I go home instead.
  2020-01-17 (Friday)
Dora up at 7 and off at 8 to catch a train to Tarragona to a medical lecture. I'm up at 8:40, achey and taking an ibuprofen.

The others had tripe for dinner; I had leftover lasagna.

Online, filed my Spanish ETE tax form.

Dora home before 3.

Out around 5 with Dora. To metro, where I got on a train but she missed it. Got off at Verdaguer and waited for her. Walked about 10 blocks to a print shop, where we picked up a replacement vinyl sign/poster for the one that had ripples in it. Back to Verdaguer metro, to Joanic, onto a bus, up to the clinic. Where the owner was a bit grumpy that he was having to stay open just for us. We did the vinyl posters as quickly as possible, resetting the three we did before and adding the new one. Lots of furniture to assemble, but we'll come back and do that on Monday.

Out, up to bus stop, H6 bus to near home. Into several shops for groceries etc, home by 7:30. A bit tired.

Paid €120 for 11 more lessons with the niece's tutor, and later found out the price has increased to €130.
  2020-01-18 (Saturday)
Dora out to work 11-11, back at her regular job. I cooked chicken for dinner. Out to buy flowers for our anniversary.
  2020-01-19 (Sunday)
Dora out to work 11-11, back at her regular job.

I'm out after 3:30, into grey cold windy weather (borrasca Gloria, I think). To VA metro, connect at Diagonal, out at Poble Sec, to meet Dora at work. To a Chinese place for dinner. Food was cheap and pretty good, beef dish a little too spicy, nice to have football on the telly. She headed back to work at 4:30, I went into metro and home after 5. Windy and grey and cold.

Teeth hurting at 9; took paracetamol. At bedtime, diazepam.
  2020-01-20 (Monday)
Cold, grey morning. Dora out to Catalan class.

I cooked spaghetti-beef for dinner, to mixed reviews.

Out before 4 with Dora. Bus to clinic, where we assembled lots of furniture and a piece of medical equipment for her office. Not too difficult.

Waiting for Dora to finish talking with people, I suddenly noticed one of the paintings the main doctor has created (many of them are quite nice, but this one is funny): pic.

Out and it's raining. Ran to catch the bus, no waiting. Near home and into a bakery for coffees and pastries. I laughed at how much bigger my croissant was than Dora's two little mini-criossants: pic. Then to Dia for groceries, and to fruit/veg shop. Home after 7:45.  
  2020-01-21 (Tuesday)
Dark, grey, raining. And niece deliberately left her scarf and sandwich behind when she went to school, so 45 minutes later I had to go out to deliver them. Colder than I expected, lots of rain, wind very gusty and shifting. Smallish tree blown over near the other side of the building. To school, then to a shop, then Dia for groceries.

By noon, wind stronger maybe. Moderately big tree blew over in the park across the street, and another is tilted.

Niece not going back to school in the afternoon, or to gymnastics in the evening. Apparently the govt has declared some sort of emergency condition. But Dora still has to work 3-11. The TV news footage of conditions at the seafront is pretty impressive. But then after 2:30 the story changed, she's going to school.

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