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Sun for a new day  2021-01-01 (Friday)
In midafternoon, I went over to Dora's office and software-installed a security camera connected to her smartphone over the internet.

Late-evening Zoom call with my siblings in USA. Had 3 cats, 2 dogs, and 1 baby on the call with us at various times.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-02 (Saturday)
After noon, over to Dora's new office to get it ready for her first patient, coming at 5. Then somehow it changes and the patient is coming at 2:15.

Session with patient went well.

In evening, Dora off to old apartment; I didn't feel like going. She ended up staying the night there.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-03 (Sunday)
Dora at old apartment all day and into the evening, administering medicines to her son (flu) and her mother, and I think cooking.

Met Dora at bus stop at 9:30. Cold out, and the building front door was open and letting a cold wind make the whole building cold.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-04 (Monday)
Out to a shop, then to Dora's office to arrange some things, and she had a meeting with a pharmaceutical rep.

Phone call from landlord; Dora hasn't paid the rent again, she still wants to fight with them. I pay the rent directly again, as I did last month.

Dora home for dinner, then back to office for a patient at 4. I set up more security cameras, to ATM, to supermarket.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-05 (Tuesday)
Dora out early, but not before dragging me out of bed to print some last-minute paperwork. She was out all day. I met her in early evening at the bus stop. Then I was out to office, ATM, supermarket.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-06 (Wednesday)
Took stuff to office; we're starting to get a little clear space in the apartment. That won't last long.

Out in the evening to try to go to ECI to look at furniture, but they're closed, it's a holiday (Three Kings, I guess). Stopped in at mass for 10 minutes, but I was nervous being around so many people.

In late evening, doing more Christmas cards.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-07 (Thursday)
Sun for a new day  2021-01-08 (Friday)
Dora out all afternoon at medical appointments.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-09 (Saturday)
Raining steadily. Most of the north of Spain had lots of snow in the last day or two, so I think we're getting it as rain. Stopped later; I went out to supermarket.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-10 (Sunday)
Raining steadily again. Madrid has been shut down by huge snowfall.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-11 (Monday)
Dora out to errand and then a couple of medical appointments. Later I was out to mail a big load of Christmas cards, stop in several shops. Home, start dinner, then out to supermarket and back.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-12 (Tuesday)
Sun for a new day  2021-01-13 (Wednesday)
Out briefly in midday, then nice dinner, then found that refrigerator/freezer has stopped working. I fiddled with the buttons and eventually managed to get it back to life, I think. But 20 minutes later it was stuck again. Messed with it, eventually got it going. This time it stayed running.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-14 (Thursday)
Fridge/freezer still running, although fridge part is too cold, I think. But I don't want to mess with it, for now.

Messed with fridge later, and it stopped working. Found that unplugging it for 5 minutes helps, sometimes. Not sure. Got it running again. But it's either on all the time, or unplugged, and after plugging in, sometimes it will run and sometimes not.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-15 (Friday)
Late-night Zoom call with my siblings in USA.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-16 (Saturday)
Filed my Spanish ETE (wealth declaration) tax form for 2020. As usual, had to use Dora's Windows laptop to fill out the PDF file.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-17 (Sunday)
Refrigerator wouldn't start in mid-morning, and nothing I did would get it going. So when we left to go to other apartment after noon, we took all the frozen meat with us to give to them. Picked up Peruvian chicken on the way, had dinner with family at old apartment. Dora's mother is weaker, her son is recovering after a bout of flu, her father is sick, niece is a teenager who doesn't talk much to us. Boring. I did sit in the park in the sun for a bit, and collected some books I'd left in the apartment. To bus stop and home by 6:30. Found that in my absence, refrigerator started running (non-stop, I think) again.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-18 (Monday)
Refrigerator guy sent by landlord came, looked at situation, will consult landlord. Later the news is that they'll bring a replacement tomorrow afternoon.

By late afternoon, the refrigerator is totally dead, indicators not lighting up, not running at all.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-19 (Tuesday)
Our third wedding anniversary !

Around 6:15 in the evening, a couple of guys came with a new refrigerator/freezer for us.
Sun for a new day  2021-01-20 (Wednesday)
Sun for a new day  2021-01-21 (Thursday)