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Slept badly. Headache after dawn, took a Dolocatil. Slept until the crack of noon. Still headachey; took a sumatriptan. Realized I forgot to take my amitriptyline yesterday.

Quiet day. Out for a walk in early evening. Still a slight headache at midnight. Took a Neobrufen before dawn. Still a slight headache.

Out after noon. To niece's school, but it's closed. To Caprabo for groceries. Cooked pork and pesto-spaghetti and salad for dinner.

Still headache in later afternoon; took a sumatriptan.

Walked Dora to metro before 6, to work 7-1. To fruit shop, then hustled home. Cold. STILL have a headache. Mostly sinus right now. Took a paracetamol. Later took a diazepan. Back to bed for a while. Still have headache.

Felt a bit better after dinner.

Online, bought tickets to Cirque du Soleil "Toruk" show. Four tix for total of €209. Finally slept well and no headache. But Dora still has a bit of sore throat and cough. I made some of Aunt Pat's famous lemon-and-honey tea for her, and that made her feel a bit better for a while. But she's taking antibiotics.

Out a couple of times in late afternoon to buy a lot of groceries. Then I'm feeling a little achey and scratchy throat. Took a Neobrufen.

Family won't be returning from north tomorrow evening on the tickets I bought for them, they've changed to return Monday evening. Niece starts school on Tuesday morning. Dora out to work 11-11. Quiet day. Out for groceries around 5:30, and it's a bit cold. In the evening, TV showing lots of Three Kings parades all over Spain. I could have gone to the huge one in center-city Barcelona, but I'm on the edge of a cold and sore throat, don't want to be out in the cold. Dora home around 11:45. Headachey and a tiny bit of sore throat, and Dora is worse on both counts. We both took paracetamol. I thought she had to work again today, but she says she has the day off, which is fortunate.

Felt okay in the middle of the day, but achey and headachey in the evening. Took a Neobrufen. Started the day with paracetamol again. Quiet day. Out at 5 for some groceries.

Took a Neobrufen, then out after 6. To F-i-P metro, to Arc station, to Estacio Nord bus station. Good timing, the parents and niece got off the bus less than 5 minutes before I got there. And they have a ton of luggage. Up in the elevator, and the taxi guys try to cram us into the first, normal taxi, despite me telling them we need a big one. They fail, and we walk back to the big one in line, and load up. Slow trip through traffic, maybe not the quickest route, but we're home around 7:20.

Took a sumatriptan before bed.

Had a bad night's sleep. Had coughing fits until finally Dora dragged me into the kitchen and made me drink honey-lemon tea and start taking antibiotics. Up at 10:30, feeling pretty rough. Food and hot drink made me feel a bit better, but still took a paracetamol.

Out after noon. To niece's school and paid for this month. To a shop to buy a garlic-press. To Dia for groceries.

Home, and the mail is full of bills. Dora's mother cooking, and she filled the kitchen with smoke and both smoke-detectors went off.

Walked Dora to the metro after 2, to work 3-11. Then I went to ECI and paid the water bill. Home, and online started a payment of the building fee (finca).

Took a Neobrufen in early evening. Feeling fairly lousy. Took anti-biotic and paracetamol before bed. Dora home at 11:45.

Again coughing badly 10 minutes after lying down in bed. Took tea and cough syrup. Still have a bad cough, but otherwise feeling pretty good. Out in the evening to walk Dora to metro, buy fruit, hit ATM. Still have a bad cough and slight headache, but otherwise feeling pretty good. Walked Dora to metro after 2, and went to Dia for groceries. In late afternoon, to fruit shop. Definitely colder today. Dora home at 11:45. Headache, slept late, took paracetamol.

Online, ordered 8 GB of RAM for my current (old) laptop, which has only 3 GB.

Out after 5. Cold. To farmacia, and bought medicines for the whole family. Nine boxes of medicine for a grand total of €11, and it would have been cheaper except one of them wasn't covered by the NHS. Still amazed at the low prices for medicines here. To Dia for groceries, and home.

Dora's son arrived from the north. Dora home by 11:20. Quiet day, didn't go out. Apartment a bit full with 6 of us here now, soon a 7th will arrive. I'm doing lots of reading and studying on the computer. Started working on Spanish ETE tax filing. Dora's sister arrived from the south around 10:30. Slow day, cold and a bit windy outside. 7 of us maneuvering around each other, have to grab the shower when you can, etc. I did more studying, of Spanish and also about computers. I've been getting into a new area, and putting together a web page about it: Penetration Testing and Bug-Bounty Hunting. Niece has a fever, staying home from school. Always seems to happen when her mother is here. But various illnesses have been shared around inside the family; I think she really is sick.

Out after noon with Dora and her sister. To VA metro, to Vall d'Hebron, to the big hospital. Ask several times, finally find the office we need, all the way up the hill in the back. I wait while Dora and her sister try to register her sister onto the "bolsa", the list of doctors eligible to work for the govt in Catalunya.

Out of the office, down to cafeteria for lunch. Dora and sister taking pills; they both have various pains. Sister will have to make more photocopies and come back here again tomorrow.

Dora off to work 3-11, sister and me to home before 3. Out again later for groceries.

Dora home just before midnight. Dora's sister out to the medical office again, but they want one document she doesn't have.

Sister left in midafternoon, heading back to the south.

Trying to do the Spanish tax filing, but Linux has no free PDF app that can handle the PDF file, so had to use a Windows machine. Then I ran into a number I reported a year ago that looks like a total mistake, can't figure out how I calculated it. Will just have to stick with it, doesn't really matter, this is a declaration not a tax. Around noon, Dora says fix the drawers in other bedroom, her father has had two new cross-pieces made. It's Ikea stuff, so have to figure out how to take it apart partially. But this thing has already been patched a few times, 90-degree straps added at a couple of corners. I start to take it apart and figure out how to put in the new pieces.

Then someone is calling, there's flooding from an apartment downstairs with no one home. I have a key to the water-meter closet, but Dora doesn't want me to use it. Someone calls the water company.

Then the package of new memory for my laptop gets delivered. The two DIMMs are from different manufacturers, look different, but both are the right type and specs.

Drill holes in the bureau, get the pieces in but we need 3 or 4 more screws. Clean up and leave the bureau on its side for now. After dinner, father had bought new screws, put them in and put drawers back in. Not the greatest situation, the wood is soft, but it's okay.

Sent the ETE form in to Spanish web site.

Put the new memory DIMMs in my laptop. Took two tries, first time it just beeped, DIMMs not inserted far enough. Second time came up and I ran diagnostics for a long time, finally stopped them and booted into Linux. 8 GB now instead of 3 GB.

Dora out to work 7-1.   Out after 11, to ATM and finca and walk and Dia for groceries. Quiet day, doing lots of computer reading etc.

Watched half of Barca-Levante game on TV; stadium looked half-empty. They've been having very-low-priced deals on 3-game ticket deals in these two weeks, but they're playing minor teams and we decided we didn't want to sit in the cold even to watch Barca.

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