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Slept badly. Headache after dawn, took a Dolocatil. Slept until the crack of noon. Still headachey; took a sumatriptan. Realized I forgot to take my amitriptyline yesterday.

Quiet day. Out for a walk in early evening. Still a slight headache at midnight. Took a Neobrufen before dawn. Still a slight headache.

Out after noon. To niece's school, but it's closed. To Caprabo for groceries. Cooked pork and pesto-spaghetti and salad for dinner.

Still headache in later afternoon; took a sumatriptan.

Walked Dora to metro before 6, to work 7-1. To fruit shop, then hustled home. Cold. STILL have a headache. Mostly sinus right now. Took a paracetamol. Later took a diazepan. Back to bed for a while. Still have headache.

Felt a bit better after dinner.

Online, bought tickets to Cirque du Soleil "Toruk" show. Four tix for total of €209. Finally slept well and no headache. But Dora still has a bit of sore throat and cough. I made some of Aunt Pat's famous lemon-and-honey tea for her, and that made her feel a bit better for a while. But she's taking antibiotics.

Out a couple of times in late afternoon to buy a lot of groceries. Then I'm feeling a little achey and scratchy throat. Took a Neobrufen.

Family won't be returning from north tomorrow evening on the tickets I bought for them, they've changed to return Monday evening. Niece starts school on Tuesday morning. Dora out to work 11-11. Quiet day. Out for groceries around 5:30, and it's a bit cold. In the evening, TV showing lots of Three Kings parades all over Spain. I could have gone to the huge one in center-city Barcelona, but I'm on the edge of a cold and sore throat, don't want to be out in the cold. Dora home around 11:45. Headachey and a tiny bit of sore throat, and Dora is worse on both counts. We both took paracetamol. I thought she had to work again today, but she says she has the day off, which is fortunate.

Felt okay in the middle of the day, but achey and headachey in the evening. Took a Neobrufen. Started the day with paracetamol again. Quiet day. Out at 5 for some groceries.

Took a Neobrufen, then out after 6. To F-i-P metro, to Arc station, to Estacio Nord bus station. Good timing, the parents and niece got off the bus less than 5 minutes before I got there. And they have a ton of luggage. Up in the elevator, and the taxi guys try to cram us into the first, normal taxi, despite me telling them we need a big one. They fail, and we walk back to the big one in line, and load up. Slow trip through traffic, maybe not the quickest route, but we're home around 7:20.

Took a sumatriptan before bed.

Had a bad night's sleep. Had coughing fits until finally Dora dragged me into the kitchen and made me drink honey-lemon tea and start taking antibiotics. Up at 10:30, feeling pretty rough. Food and hot drink made me feel a bit better, but still took a paracetamol.

Out after noon. To niece's school and paid for this month. To a shop to buy a garlic-press. To Dia for groceries.

Home, and the mail is full of bills. Dora's mother cooking, and she filled the kitchen with smoke and both smoke-detectors went off.

Walked Dora to the metro after 2, to work 3-11. Then I went to ECI and paid the water bill. Home, and online started a payment of the building fee (finca).

Took a Neobrufen in early evening. Feeling fairly lousy. Took anti-biotic and paracetamol before bed. Dora home at 11:45.

Again coughing badly 10 minutes after lying down in bed. Took tea and cough syrup. Still have a bad cough, but otherwise feeling pretty good. Out in the evening to walk Dora to metro, buy fruit, hit ATM. Still have a bad cough and slight headache, but otherwise feeling pretty good. Walked Dora to metro after 2, and went to Dia for groceries. In late afternoon, to fruit shop. Definitely colder today. Dora home at 11:45. Headache, slept late, took paracetamol.

Online, ordered 8 GB of RAM for my current (old) laptop, which has only 3 GB.

Out after 5. Cold. To farmacia, and bought medicines for the whole family. Nine boxes of medicine for a grand total of €11, and it would have been cheaper except one of them wasn't covered by the NHS. Still amazed at the low prices for medicines here. To Dia for groceries, and home.

Dora's son arrived from the north. Dora home by 11:20. Quiet day, didn't go out. Apartment a bit full with 6 of us here now, soon a 7th will arrive. I'm doing lots of reading and studying on the computer. Started working on Spanish ETE tax filing. Dora's sister arrived from the south around 10:30. Slow day, cold and a bit windy outside. 7 of us maneuvering around each other, have to grab the shower when you can, etc. I did more studying, of Spanish and also about computers. I've been getting into a new area, and putting together a web page about it: Penetration Testing and Bug-Bounty Hunting. Niece has a fever, staying home from school. Always seems to happen when her mother is here. But various illnesses have been shared around inside the family; I think she really is sick.

Out after noon with Dora and her sister. To VA metro, to Vall d'Hebron, to the big hospital. Ask several times, finally find the office we need, all the way up the hill in the back. I wait while Dora and her sister try to register her sister onto the "bolsa", the list of doctors eligible to work for the govt in Catalunya.

Out of the office, down to cafeteria for lunch. Dora and sister taking pills; they both have various pains. Sister will have to make more photocopies and come back here again tomorrow.

Dora off to work 3-11, sister and me to home before 3. Out again later for groceries.

Dora home just before midnight. Dora's sister out to the medical office again, but they want one document she doesn't have.

Sister left in midafternoon, heading back to the south.

Trying to do the Spanish tax filing, but Linux has no free PDF app that can handle the PDF file, so had to use a Windows machine. Then I ran into a number I reported a year ago that looks like a total mistake, can't figure out how I calculated it. Will just have to stick with it, doesn't really matter, this is a declaration not a tax. Around noon, Dora says fix the drawers in other bedroom, her father has had two new cross-pieces made. It's Ikea stuff, so have to figure out how to take it apart partially. But this thing has already been patched a few times, 90-degree straps added at a couple of corners. I start to take it apart and figure out how to put in the new pieces.

Then someone is calling, there's flooding from an apartment downstairs with no one home. I have a key to the water-meter closet, but Dora doesn't want me to use it. Someone calls the water company.

Then the package of new memory for my laptop gets delivered. The two DIMMs are from different manufacturers, look different, but both are the right type and specs.

Drill holes in the bureau, get the pieces in but we need 3 or 4 more screws. Clean up and leave the bureau on its side for now. After dinner, father had bought new screws, put them in and put drawers back in. Not the greatest situation, the wood is soft, but it's okay.

Sent the ETE form in to Spanish web site.

Put the new memory DIMMs in my laptop. Took two tries, first time it just beeped, DIMMs not inserted far enough. Second time came up and I ran diagnostics for a long time, finally stopped them and booted into Linux. 8 GB now instead of 3 GB.

Dora out to work 7-1. Out after 11, to ATM and finca and walk and Dia for groceries. Quiet day, doing lots of computer reading etc.

Watched half of Barca-Levante game on TV; stadium looked half-empty. They've been having very-low-priced deals on 3-game ticket deals in these two weeks, but they're playing minor teams and we decided we didn't want to sit in the cold even to watch Barca. Out at noon with Dora, and it's a bit cold. To VA metro, to Vall d'Hebron, and to the hospital. Long walk up the hill into teeth of a stiff cold wind. Dora dropped off documents for her sister. Back to metro. Where Dora announces she has to go to two more offices in the center. I go home instead.

Dora home by 3:15, and she's not mad at me, so that's good.

I'm out at 7. Cold out. To flower shop to buy flowers for Dora, tomorrow is our 1-year wedding anniversary. Well-received back at home. Cold morning. Dora out to work 11-11. I went out in late afternoon for groceries; cold out. Headache in mid-evening; took a paracetamol. Dora home after 11:30. Grey and raining steadily. As usual, Dora sleeping "10 more minutes" until she's late. She's out to work 11-11. Quiet day. Dora home around 11:30. Headache after noon; took a Dolocatil. Dora out after 5 to a Zumba class at a gym; I'm out to grocery stores. Headache in evening; took a sumatriptan. Dora out after 1, and it turned out she did errands and then went to work 3-11. I went for groceries at 5 or so; cold out. Dora home before midnight. Quiet day. Dora out to gym at noon. I'm out at 4:30 to pick up a package at Correos and buy some groceries for Dora. Out later to walk Dora to metro to work 7-1, and then I went to fruit shop. On TV, watched Barca lose to Sevilla 0-2. Headache during the night; took paracetamol. Cold, windy day. Dora out before noon to gym. Dinner. Then Dora out to work 3-11. I went out twice for groceries. Dora home just before midnight. Dora out to work 3-11. Then a problem: water on the floor in the utility closet, thought it was the washing machine, but it's the solar-water tank. We cleaned up and put a bucket under it, I want to wait and see.

Out in the evening to hit ATM and get groceries. Messages back and forth with Dora to get the niece signed up for a gymnastics program, which means we'll have to get up at 7:30 on Saturday mornings. Made a pizza with the niece; she likes hotdogs and chicken lunchmeat slices on her half.

Dora home at 11:45. Up at 7:30. Out after 8:15 (late) with Dora and niece. Up to Llucmajor metro, long ride to Poblenou metro, long walk down to the waterfront. Into a big sports complex, and found a gymnastics class for the niece. Supposedly started at 9, but I'm surprised to see them still stretching and getting ready at 9:15 or later. Mural outside: pic.

Left the niece in class, and Dora and I went upstairs and over to the big gymnasium, and watched a gymnastics competition in progress. I kept pushing Dora to talk to other parents, and eventually she did so, and found out about some other classes closer to home.

Killed some time, had a coffee, back to niece's class at 11 to pick her up. She had a good time, wants to do more of this. We'll see if we do it here or somewhere closer to home at a more civilized hour.

Headed for the metro, stopped in a cafe for a while. Into metro, long ride home, home after 12:30.

Dinner, napped, napped again.

Out after 4 with Dora and son and niece. Down to F-i-P metro, long ride to Placa Espanya, into a line for busses running up to the Palau San Jordi on Montjuic. Into the arena and our seats with 15 minutes to spare. Bought popcorn and soda.

Then it was time for Cirque du Soleil, the "Toruk" (Avatar) show. Turns out none of us have seen the Avatar movie; somehow I assumed the kids had seen it. A nice show, slow in parts, really good in other parts. Some great athleticism, loved the dragon, loved the flowers growing. I think we all enjoyed it. Hard to take pictures, only really got one (from Dora): pic. [Later got these from her son: pic and video.]

Out by 8 or so. Quickly caught a bus down to Placa Espanya. Long metro-ride back to F-i-P, most of us standing all the way. Up F-i-P and into a bookstore so Dora could buy a Catalan textbook, and it took forever for her to check out. Son went home, and the other three of us stopped in an outdoor cafe. I had a cognac, which was much bigger than I expected, but tasted strange, I think it was watered. Fine with me, plenty of alcohol in it.

Home before 9:45. Tired. Dora up at 9 and out to the gym. I'm up at 9:30. Feeling grumpy today, lots of arguments in the apartment, and I'm getting nowhere on a computer-security challenge thing I'm trying to do.

Out before 6 with Dora, to walk niece to a friend's house. Cold and a strong wind blowing, strong enough to stagger me sometimes. To friend's house, and some screwup, friend and mother aren't there. We head back home, I buy some fruit in a shop, then into a cafe to relieve me of €10 so we can have coffees and pastries.

Studying Spanish, found that the word "esposa" means "wife" and "esposas" means "handcuffs".

Sore throat in the middle of the night; took paracetamol. A bad start to the day when you find your only robe has been put in the laundry and is out on the line.

Out with Dora at 1:15. Cold and a little windy out. To sports complex across from ECI, to ask about gymnastics class for the niece, but they just gave us a phone number for another place. I went to Mercadona for groceries, Dora went to the gym. Fairly bad headache. Took paracetamol and a lot of water and back to bed for a little while. Up, then still headache by noon, took a sumatriptan. Dinner, then out after 3 to take an umbrella to Dora coming out of the hair salon. Cold and rainy outside.

Dora out again at 8 or so, to a 1-on-1 medical Catalan-language lesson. Then the rest of us cleared out to our bedrooms so the son could have some privacy with a friend of his, dancing, cooking dinner etc. Friend left around 11:30, Dora home at 11:45, much later than I expected. I cooked dinner (chicken and rice and vegs and salad), and it seemed to go over poorly. Son refuses to eat anything with vegetables in it, and niece is learning from his example. The rest of us seemed okay with it.

Out in midafternoon to Dia for groceries. Out with Dora at 6 to walk her to the metro, then I went to a pharmacy. They had only 4 pills of sumatriptan, at €3 each. That's about what I paid for pills from India last year. Need to find something cheaper.

Headache in the evening; took paracetamol. Still headachey at 10:20, halftime of the Barca game on TV, took a sumatriptan. Water is out from 11-3 today, for maintenance or something. Dinner, then Dora out to work. Water back on at 3 or 4. Later, I went out for groceries. Not too cold out today. Quiet evening. Dora home around 11:15. Rainy outside. I went out at 11 or so, no rain, weather fairly warm. To ATM, to niece's school to pay €192 for tuition and swimming pool. Got groceries. Headache; took a paracetamol.

Out in late afternoon for a walk with Dora. Still have headache. Napped, couldn't get rid of it, took a sumatriptan. Up at 7:30, out a bit after 8 with father and niece. To Llucmajor metro, long ride to Poble Nou, long walk down to sports center. Perfect timing, dropped niece at gymnastics class and handed over paperwork. Then father and I killed 2 hours while she was in class. Volleyball tournament on the beach, lots of people out running. Later a badminton tournament starting up inside the center. Weather slowly got colder and greyer.

Dora working 11-11 today.

Niece out at 11, tried going home on the bus instead of the metro. Found the stop, only waited 7 minutes, onto the bus. Then it went one or two more stops and sat for 5+ minutes. Finally going again, lots of stops, eventually our stop. Home at noon, about same as the metro.

Niece is supposed to be having lunch with a friend, but Dora is the only one who knows if and how and when, and she didn't tell any of us, and isn't answering calls or messages (she's at work).

Finally, her friend called, and they picked up the niece at 1:45 or so. Then she was gone all afternoon, finally home at 7 or so.

Dora home before midnight. Dora working 11-11 today. I paid €100 to niece's tutor.

I created a simple quiz for home users, about phishing: Go to Phishing Test page 1 of 3.

Out for a walk in late afternoon; cold out.

Dora home at midnight, and she had a busy day. Parents and son planning to go to Peruvian embassy on other side of town, but their departure got delayed again and again, had to give up and go tomorrow.

Online, paid tuition for another half-year of medical school for son.

Lots of confusion around dinner, niece stayed at school to eat, finally a late dinner.

Out with Dora pursuing me, to ATM and groceries. Cold. Out again later for a few more groceries. Parents and son out to Peruvian embassy. Confusion when it came to dinner-time. I hustled out to pick up niece from school because Dora's son said they wouldn't get back in time, but as I expected Dora's father got there 20 seconds ahead of me, and we both were 5+ minutes early.

Dora out to work 3-11. Quiet afternoon and evening. Dora home at 11:45. Up at 7:40. Dora out at 8:20 to go to a 9-2 medical class. Then she was home, and feeling sick, we went to nap for 2 hours. Then after 6, she was out to work 7-1. I walked her to the metro, then hit a couple of places for groceries.

I went out at 8:45 to a cafe to watch the first half of the Barca - Real Madrid game. Home, only to find the game showing on free TV. Good game, but ended 1-1.

Online, bought tickets for son to go back to medical school in Slovakia.

Went to bed and couldn't sleep at all. Dora home around 1:45, with a nasty cough that she took a while to stop with medicine. I still didn't sleep much all the rest of the night, just couldn't sleep. Dora up at 9 or so and off to the doctor, I think. I got a little sleep, up after 10. Dora back home, she went to the clinic but they said come back later.

So we went out after noon, to clinic, and waited maybe 45 minutes before she was seen. Bronchitis, she's excused from work today and tomorrow, she was going to have the weekend free anyway. Out, and to a pharmacy to buy about 5 medicines for a total of €3.50 or so. Home by 1:45.

Dinner, then soon Dora took lots of pills and to bed. After a while, I went out for groceries. Then joined her for a nap. Later she's up, still sounding terrible, then back to bed for a while. Slept well. Out at 11:30 or so, to ECI to mail a certified letter to Peru, then to fruit shop. Slow lines everywhere. Home around 12:30.

Headache in late afternoon; took paracetamol.

Niece home from school, after time in a playground etc, and some time later we realized she'd left all of her schoolbooks at school. So she and I hustled back to the school, but too late, they're closed. To pharmacy to get something for Dora, then home.

Still have headache later. Took a sumatriptan. Up at 7. Out after 8 with niece and Dora's father. To bus stop near VA plaza, running a bit to catch the V29 bus. Longish ride down to the waterfront, and arrived at niece's gymnastics class 5-7 minutes early. Dropped her off and went into the main gym, where a huge basketball and fooftball tournament for 8-9 year olds is starting. Fun to watch for a little while, then I found a warmish comfortable corner in the lobby and sat and closed my eyes and listened to MP3s.

Down to the class at 11, picked up niece, to bus stop, waited 5 minutes for the bus. Home before 11:50.

Dora felt well enough today to go to her zoomba class at the gym. But she still has a nasty cough, lots of fluid in her bronchi.

Dinner. Dora out to beauty parlor in late afternoon. Afterward, niece and I went to meet Dora and son at a cafe for coffees and sandwiches etc. On the way home, I went for groceries. Quiet morning. Dora out to a 1-on-1 medical-Catalan language class at 2:30, home at 6:30. A couple of trips for groceries, and to walk for exercise, lovely weather. Dora to dentist, and then working 3-11. But she was home at 5, they sent her home sick.

In late evening, made a pizza with the niece. But when I tried to get it out of the oven, I couldn't grasp the tray safely, and the pizza slithered out and fell face-down on the floor. We ate it anyway, it was fine. Dora out to gym. Dinner. I went out to ATM, pharmacy, groceries. Dora to medical clinic again. I have a headache; took paracetamol. Dora had to wait 2 hours at the clinic, but got her paper that says she doesn't have to work for the next 3 days. Dinner. Still headachey in late afternoon; took a Neobrufen. Out at 12:45 with Dora and her mother. To metro, to Vall d'Hebron, to hospital. Up to pneumology to get a test for the mother. They took her right on time at 1:30, out at 2:15. But bad news, she didn't have the test, needs to take medicine before they might be able to do the test.

To metro, to VA, waited for rest of family to join us. Off to a Peruvian restaurant to have a birthday celebration for Dora's mother. Decent restaurant, nice time, but I wasn't too happy to learn the niece was skipping an afternoon of school to be here. We all came out tired and full. I stopped to buy flowers and then fruit on the way home. Home, and down for a nap.

Headache in the evening; I knew that very nice beer I had at the restaurant would give me one. Took a paracetamol.

Online, made reservations for Dora and I to go to Prague for two weeks in late June. Used 70K of my 70.1K frequent-flyer miles, plus $205, for the plane tickets (business class going, economy coming back). Apartment for €780 for two weeks. It's a big modern apartment and close to a major metro-and-bus hub, but a bit of a strange layout and only one window with no view. It was the usual deal with AirBNB: other apartments all had some flaw, such as no elevator or no big bed or too expensive. But I'm fairly surprised so much was available at all in Prague in the summer, I thought it would be booked up. Niece home sick from school today. I went out to pharmacy and groceries. Dora and son out at 4:30 to go to a theater for some musical-burlesque-dance thing. Niece talked Dora's father into going out to buy a huge sheet-cake, and gave me a huge slice of it. Dora and son back home, they had a great time, but it would have been wasted on me. Up at 7 to see if niece is going to gymnastics class, but the answer is no. Fine with me, back to sleep. Quiet day, went out once for groceries. Dora out to gym; she feels okay much of the time, then every now and then sounds like she's coughing up a lung. But she's slowly getting better. Around 11, Dora says how about if I cook dinner today, and the niece needs to be taken to a new place for the tutor at noon, and I have to pay €100 to the tutor. So I hustle through exercises, start the cooking, dress without showering. Out with niece, to one ATM but it doesn't work, to another ATM and get cash, to the new place but it has 4 floors and we don't know which to buzz. I buzz them all, talk to various people with no luck, then someone comes down and soon points us to a language school doors away, that's the place. Drop off the niece, stop at fruit/veg shop on the way home, shower, cook.

With Dora's father, pick up the niece after 1, home, finish cooking dinner.

Out for a walk with Dora in late afternoon, but just slightly too chilly to be nice. Dora still sick, but she went to dentist and then Catalan class. Still a bad coughing fit every hour or two. I went with her to medical clinic around 4:30, and we were in and out in 5 minutes, amazing, she has paper saying she can be off work for another 10 days or so. Hope she doesn't stay sick that long. Groceries, then home. Dora's son up early and off to the airport. But he was in a friend's car instead of taking the train, and there was an accident that stopped the whole highway for an hour or more. So he missed his flight, has to come home and go again tomorrow. Also found his credit-card is blocked, because he didn't fill out some form at the bank.

Dora out to gym. Son back home around noon.

I went out for groceries, then it turned out we weren't going to cook them, Dora had me go out again to buy a couple of roast chickens at the Peruvian place.

My tuition payment to son's medical school bounced, even though all I did was push a button to repeat the same transfer I did for last semester. Getting him to email the university to see if they know what happened.

Started working on my Spain 720 foreign assets declaration. Again, Dora's son up early and off to the airport. This time, he made it to Slovakia. I re-sent the tuition payment; apparently the bank in Slovakia bounced payments of a lot of people. Routine day. Dora still home sick from work, she had a couple of realaly bad coughing fits. But down in the center of the city, there was a huge demonstration for independence, highways closed with barricades of burning tires, police fighting demonstrators even inside Placa Catalunya metro station. The TV has live coverage of the trial of pro-independence officials, in Madrid. Out in midafternoon. Surprisingly warm out. Walked, then to farmacia, then to fruit shop.

Out with Dora in the evening, for a walk. Still nice weather, just slightly cool. Dora up at 6:30, I'm up at 7. Dora's out at 7:30 to something. I'm out before 8, soon followed by niece and father. I went to metro and bought T-10 cards, then to bus stop, and we waited 10 minutes for the bus. Still got to the Mar Bella sports complex about 10 minutes early.

Which was fine, because they were having a gymnastics competition in the main arena, so we watched that for 10 minutes. Then niece was into gymnastics class, and father and I started killing time. Warm, sunny day. I watched a little of the gymnastics, studied my Spanish book, dozed, listened to MP3s.

Picked up the niece at 11, back into main building to watch some of the gymnastics and buy a snack for the niece (in addition to the powerbar I gave her).

Walked down to bus stop, bus came in 1 minute, on. Gave niece another powerbar. Longish ride, and then Dora called and said she'd meet us, which means a cafe. So we got to VA plaza, off, and to our usual cafe. Ten minutes later Dora joined us. Coffees and pastries etc.

Home by 12:40, and I'm tired. Dinner, nap, headachey.

Out in late afternoon. Not so warm any more. To farmacia, walk, groceries, fruit/veg. Home. Later took a paracetamol. Headache; took a sumatriptan. Out for a walk with Dora and niece in late afternoon, then they went to a movie and I went home. Out again for a walk with Dora later. Up before 8, niece up early, Dora doing makeup for her for some reason [Carnaval, apparently]. Dora out to dentist. I'm back to bed; up later. Gave myself a haircut. Dora home later, then out to Catalan class. I had a late dinner with her.

Early evening, walked Dora to the gym and then I went for a walk and to grocery store and fruit/veg shop. Dora out at 9:30, to dentist. I'm out at 11 or so. Down to L1 metro, to Catalunya, L3 to Drassanes. Lovely sunny almost-warm day. Down several blocks to the central Registro. Waited maybe 10 minutes, in, took the lady 5 minutes to find the papers and 5 minutes to type in the computer, then I'm out. This is a marriage-terms agreement that I sent to Jerez on December 11. The other one I sent on July 24 has disappeared, I guess.

Strolled through an unusual area of old town, I've only been through here a few times. Stopped in two churches I've never been in before. Light was low, the pictures didn't come out too well. Esglesia De La Merce: pics. Esglesia De Sant Just i Sant Pastor: pics. Street art: pics.

To Jaume I metro, to Llucmajor, home by 12:45 or so. Dora holding an ice-pack to her jaw, she's hurting from dental work.

Dinner. Then I was out at 2:30 to go sit in the sun. But all the sunny seats in VA plaza were occupied. Soon went to grocery and fruit shops, then home.

Dora still hurting in the evening, from the dentistry. Out with Dora in late afternoon, to health clinic. In and out in 5 minutes. To ECI, where I paid the water bill, then of course Dora had to find something to buy, a pair of pants.

Out at 8:45 with Dora, down to a cafe to watch El Clasico, Barca vs Real Madrid, on TV. Turned out it's on a free channel, but that's fine, it's nice to get out of the apartment for a bit. Watched the first half, and Barca was lucky to escape 0-0, Madrid mostly outplayed them. Home by 10.

Second half was mostly Barca's game. In 20 minutes or so they scored 3 goals. Game ended 3-0. Dora out at 11:30, to Catalan class. I'm out at 1, to sit in VA plaza for a while, then go for a walk, then groceries. Dora home late, 3:45 or so, then we had dinner.

In the evening, Dora coughing like death just before going out to the gym. Dora out to hair salon. I'm out at 11:30, to ATM, to niece's school to pay tuition, to Dia for groceries.

Out again before 1, to niece's school, to pick her up and get costumes from a friend's parent.

Dora still at hair salon, and niece seriously perturbed as time to go to school approaches and Dora is supposed to do something with niece's hair. Dora arrives at 2:30, does the hair while I eat a quick dinner. Then the three of us are out and to the school. Clouds have come over and temperature has dropped a couple of degrees, on the edge of chilly. We arrive at school 15 minutes late, but our timing is perfect, they're still taking pictures and lining up. The theme is "costumes from around Europe".

Then they're off, in a little sidewalk-parade, 5 blocks up and then cross, 6 blocks down, cross, and back to school. A couple of other schools are doing the same. Hard to take pictures, everyone's so close together, and the kids tend to be turned inward, talking to each other. Pics.

Finally we're done, Dora and I head for home. But into a bookstore where Dora liberates €100 from me to buy a stack of Catalan textbooks. Into fruit shop, buy some stuff, home by 4:40. Tired and a little cold. Didn't sleep well, and took a paracetamol at 5. Up after 7. Out after 8 with niece and Dora's father. To bus, arrived a bit early at the sports center. Another gymnastics competition going on today, so we watched that for 10 minutes. Then niece into her gymnastics class.

Killed time, dozing and listening to MP3s, walked a little, studied Spanish a little. At 11, picked up niece from class and paid €19 for some competition registration, I think. Missed the bus by one minute, waited 10+ minutes for the next. Home by noon, tired. Dora working 11-11 today.

Headachey; took a Neobrufen with dinner.

Before 6, out with niece and Dora's father. Heading for ECI to buy a case for niece's phone, but I want to see a parade that's starting at 6. Happily, we ran right into it about 2 blocks from home. A nice parade, smaller than I expected, mostly children. Crowded, and I only took a couple of pictures. Pics.

Over to ECI, looked at phone cases, but few/none will fit niece's phone, and only 2 or 3 out of all of them have a design that's at all interesting to her. And I'm amazed at some of the prices; I didn't know you could spend €30 or more on a pretty plain case for a big, new model of phone.

We gave up on the phone case, headed for food stores, then I realized I should look online for phone cases. To Dia and fruit shop, then home.

Then I went right back out, up to govt complex, to where the parade ended. Lots of people and something happening on a stage, but not so interesting.

Home, and eventually got online and found phone cases. Niece sat down to look at them and wants a dozen of them. But finally she chose one and I ordered it, for about €11. [But later I realized it doesn't have a cover over the screen, it just protects the back and sides.]

Dora home before midnight, tired but not sick. Headachey; took a Neobrufen. Dora out after 10, to work 11-11. I had to scramble just before she left, when I realized she hadn't paid some bills on the 1st as she was supposed to, mainly son's rent in Slovakia. So I got into her account and did three transfers for her.

Quiet day, went for a bit of a walk, sunny but a bit cool for comfort.

Dora home at midnight. Holiday; niece has no school. Dora out to Catalan class 12-2.

Dora returns, and says money has been stolen from her son's credit card, we need to get him to do something about it. Apparently someone's been just about draining his account, and he never noticed ! Dora yelling over the phone at him, calling banks, etc.

Out at 4:30 or so with niece and Dora. Cold wind blowing, so we grabbed a taxi. To big Maquinista shopping center. To Decathlon to buy gymnastics clothing for the niece, and Dora found a couple of things she wanted, and later we returned to buy some hand-weights, so I paid about €130 total.

To a cafe, where service was slow and people were smoking near us. But we relaxed and had coffees and focaccio and a crepe.

Out, back to Decathlon for the weights, then out. Found the bus stop, and the bus we wanted was due in 21 minutes. Took a less-desirable bus in 5 minutes, long slow ride, out and walked about 8 blocks, home by 7.

Headachey; took a Neobrufen. Dora out to dentist, I think. Then out to gym. Home for dinner. Then out to work 3-11. I went for a walk and groceries in midafternoon, but it's slightly too cool to linger. Out again briefly to recharge SIM of my phone. Phone case arrived for niece's phone. Online, I filed my Spanish 720 tax form. Dora home at midnight. Cold, grey day. Dora slept late and had to rush out to her class. Home for dinner, she coughing, relax a little, then she's out to work 7-1. I get involved in some coding, don't get to bed until midnight-45. Dora home at 2 or so. Dora out at 11:15, to class 12-2 and then work 3-11. In midafternoon I went out to sit in plaza and then get groceries and fruit. A little headachey in late afternoon; took a Neobrufen. Still headachey in late evening; took a paracetamol. Dora home at 11:45. Slept late. Dora out to gym and shopping, home for dinner, out to work 3-11. I went out to sit in plaza and then get groceries. Quiet day. Headachey; took a paracetamol and later a Neobrufen. Dora not home until 2 or so, delayed by a strike. I'm still headachey; took another Neobrufen. Up at 7. A little headachey; took a paracetamol. Out after 8 with niece and father. To bus stop, said 4 minutes to bus, I dashed to Metro 100 feet away to buy a couple of T-10 cards, dashed back, made the bus with 5 seconds to spare.

To waterfront, to sports complex. Badminton and kids trampolines and stuff in the main building. Delivered niece to gymnastics class and paid €35 for a maillot for her.

Killed time, then Dora arrived, we had a snack. Picked up niece after class, Dora talked to teacher, then we're off to the bus. Out near home, into a cafe for ham and drinks. A bit pricey, but worth it. Home by 12:45.

Nap. Dinner. Loaf.

Out at 6 or so with Dora and niece. I wanted to go to the library first, but instead we went to ECI and exchanged pants for me that Dora bought yesterday. Eventually got out of there, walked to F-i-P and looked for a store to buy a jacket for the niece, but no luck. To fruit shop, and home.

Started trying to learn Bootstrap/Angular/Electron so I can write an app I want: My "Develop an Application" page. Quiet day. Dora out to gym. I went for a small walk in late afternoon. Lots of time programming on the computer.

Out at 7:30 or so with Dora. To metro, to Diagonal, and walked several blocks to a disco. Place is hopping, full of old people (our age and older). Dancing to all kinds of songs, and some of them very good dancers, they probably come here a lot.

Dora can dance up a storm, and I mostly just move as much as I can in time to the music, and try to follow her. I did pretty well tonight, I think.

Then I bought a gin-and-tonic for €10, and it was pretty large and about half gin (or, at least, what came out of a bottle labeled gin). We shared it, we were thirsty. Danced a couple more times, then I'd had enough.

Out and to the metro. Home before 11:30. Tired and feeling the alcohol. Headachey at dawn; took a paracetamol. Up at 8, niece needs to do a couple of errands before going to school. Out at 8:15, hustle to a cafe to buy sandwiches, then to metro to use the photo-booth, then to her school; they're going on a school-trip today. I'm home by 8:45.

Dora out to class 12-2 and work 3-11. I'm out in midafternoon to grocery shopping.

With help from people online, got the very basics of Bootstrap/ng-bootstrap/Angular/Electron working for my app.

Dora home before midnight. Dora out at 11, to gym and then shopping. I went out after 12 to hit an ATM, buy a lot of stuff at the pharmacy and then fruit shop. Still amazed at the prices of medicines here; my box of 60 amytriptylina pills cost €0.16, and about 10 boxes of various medicines for Dora's mother cost about €13.50.

Out again after 2:30, to sit in plaza, but it's just slightly too cool and windy for that.

Out at 4:30 with Dora, to the library. She got a card and then 4 books.

Late in the evening, looked at the box of 60 pills I bought for €0.16, and it only has 24 pills instead of 60 ! Looked around, I don't see how I could have lost part of them out of the box. And I can't imagine it's legal to sell a partial-box. Strange.

More programming with Angular, hit a nasty problem with tables, finally figured out why it was happening, will have to deal with it tomorrow. Cold, very white/grey day.

Dora out at 8:15 to meet with niece's teacher.

Out with Dora after 11. To kids-clothing shop to buy a gymnastics jacket for the niece. Walked Dora down to Meridiana so she could catch the metro to Catalan class. To Dia for groceries etc.

Late dinner with Dora. Quiet afternoon. Then she's out to work 7-1.

Dora home around 2, but then she stayed up all night. Later I found out she couldn't sleep, so she just stayed up and worked on taking a test online for some medical class. She went to bed at 8:30. Dora out to class 12-2. I went out to fruit/veg shop. Dora home, dinner, napped.

Out with Dora and niece at 8 or so, niece needs to buy a present for a friend's birthday party tomorrow. Crowded on the main streets. To half a dozen clothing stores before they bought something, and then they said they were going to ECI. I said bye, went to Dia. They changed their minds, caught up with me there, also hit the fruit shop. Home. Quiet morning. Out for groceries and to buy a lightbulb. Out after 10 to pick up niece from a birthday party 3 blocks away. Up at 7. Out after 8 with niece and father. To bus stop, just missed a bus, but I had to go into the Metro to buy a card anyway. Waited about 12 minutes for the bus, got to gym class right on time. Niece went in, father and I went up to main building to kill time. Huge gymnastics meet going on in there, little girls. I mostly sat in a sunny corner and snoozed and listened to MP3s. Went for a walk, looked at the beach, watched the skateboarders in their park for a little while.

Niece out at 11, and we went into the main building. An intermission in the competition, unfortunately, but we sat and watched, as the niece inhaled two snacks from the machines and 4 powerbars I gave her, and a Coke.

Out, and longish walk to bus stop and then a bit past it. Into a big traveling dinosaur show for which I had bought tickets. About as I expected: we were tired and a bit hungry, and it was crowded in there. Also a bit hot. Dark, too, hard to take good pictures: pics. We spent less than half an hour, then out and walked a couple of blocks to the next bus stop. Waited 5+ minutes, then on. Home by 1.

Took a paracetamol. Dinner. Nap. Still headache, took a Neobrufen.

Out in the evening for groceries and fruit. Headache slowly receding. Dora out to work 11-11. I went out in midafternoon, for a short walk. Took niece and father out to a cafe in the evening for coffees and pastries. Dora home before midnight. Dora out to class 12-2. I went out after 11:30 with Dora's mother. To metro, to hospital, to an appointment. Got there 10 minutes early, she went in 5 minutes early, out in 5 minutes. To cafeteria for sodas, then back home by 1:30. Dora home at 3, dinner.

Out after 5 with Dora. To bank, then to Western Union in ECI, then she went to gym and I went to Mercadona for groceries.

Hit a roadblock with the application I'm developing (Promises, in Typescript). Switched and started my US federal tax return, and hit a roadblock there, it demands a SSN for Dora. Sent request to Support and gave up for tonight. Dora tried to log in to Facebook last night (after I went to bed), got her password wrong, tried to reset it, and now she's locked out. Looks like they have her phone number without the country prefix, and submitting a picture of her national ID card got rejected. Will keep trying. In the process, I spent 45 minutes in her Yahoo email deleting junk, got unread messages down under 800. Probably deleted 2000 messages to get there.

Out after dinner, to walk Dora to the metro to work 3-11. I went to shop to buy a lightbulb, and bumped into niece and father buying glitter-glue for school. Then to Dia and fruit shop, and home.

Back into Dora's Yahoo email, and got it down to 3500 messages, 560 of them unread. And Facebook is going to unlock her FB account.

Had to switch to different tax-prep software to avoid Dora having to register with the US tax system.

Dora home before midnight. Restored access to her FB account.

Dora stayed up all night doing some medical coursework. Out after 11 with Dora's mother. Slow walk to medical clinic. Where we both screwed up, got confused about the procedure, got directed to the wrong place twice. Called Dora many times and eventually got through to her. Eventually ended up on the right floor and waiting 15 minutes or so for the doctor. Success, out, slow walk home, arrived by 11:45 or so, tired. Did see an Apple Map car drive past on Piferrer, a dome with cameras sticking up above it, creating digital maps and pictures.

Dora out to class. Dinner. Headache, took a Neobrufen, laid down. Dora home. I took a paracetamol.

Dora slept about 3 hours; I napped next to her for about 1.5 hours. Then she was out to work 7-1.

At 7:30, an accident on the street outside our balcony, looks like a car hit a motor-scooter, the driver is on the ground. Someone called right away, but it took 15-20 minutes for ambulance and police to arrive.

Out for groceries and fruit.

More work on US federal tax return. More work on the application I'm trying to build.

Dora home around 2, I think. I'm up at 8:30, and to my surprise so is Dora. She lists about 6 things she has to do today, with time to do only about 3 of them. I still have a headache; took a sumatriptan.

Dora out at 11:45 to go to class and then work 3-11. I'm out in midafternoon to sit in VA plaza and then go for groceries and fruit.

Was doing my taxes online when TaxAct suddenly said "oh, you have capital gains/losses ? You have to upgrade to Premium+, that will be an extra $58." So I'm looking for another site.

Dora's sister arrived from the south, around 5:45.

Someone pointed me to the tax site Free File Fillable Forms, and it's great, so much easier than the fancy web sites. And free, and I can keep Dora's info out of the US tax system. Headachey before dawn; took a Neobrufen.

Everyone out in different directions. Dora to gym, sister and mother out to banks or something, I went out to hit an ATM, pay the finca (building fee) for our apartment, get groceries.

Confusion at dinnertime; who's cooking what ? Everyone arrives home, we get food on the table.

Out with Dora at 2:20 to walk to metro, she's working 3-11. I sit in the plaza for a while, then go home. Still a little headachey; took a paracetamol.

Working on my application, gave up on Angular and Javascript, decided to start all over again in Java.   Up at 7. Dora was up at 6, despite getting home at 12:30. Out after 8 with Dora and niece and sister. Missed a bus by 1 minute, but another came in 13 minutes. Ride to waterfront, delivered niece to gymnastics class, killed two hours sitting in the main building, listening to MP3s, walking around, studying a little Castellano, etc. Headachey; took a pill I think was a Neobrufen.

Picked niece up from class at 11. Long walk to Metro, stopping in various stores, and then a long stop in a cafe. Finally into metro, long ride, out at Llucmajor. Stopped at fruit shop, home after 1:15. Tired and still a bit headachey.

Great: ribs have been cooked, table is all laid out for dinner. But then Dora announces her mother wants to go to the Peruvian restaurant for dinner. I'm not going anywhere for a while. They go, I stay and eat ribs and potatoes and rice.

Nap, still headachey.

Online, filed my US federal income tax return. But it got rejected with various errors. Most of them look easy to fix, but it looks like they're requiring Dora's name in the spouse field.

Out at 6, down to Heron City Center where there will a band tonight. Dora said 6, but as we arrived she said the band starts at 7, she wanted to get here early to get good seats. I'm not happy. We do get a good outdoor table on second level. Her sister catches up with us, and we nurse drinks for a while. Friends arrive, and we add a table and more chairs. But after a while they go down to the ground level with other friends. I thought we were done with the cafe, but then Dora's sister is ordering food. Soon I go retrieve her father and niece and lead them to the table.

Then a bunch of the niece's friends arrive, and she dashes off with them, then the food arrives. Then niece is back with friends, the music gets going. Pretty good band, although it's just a drummer, bass player, and singer. Eventually the food is done and paid for, we head down to ground level. Dance slightly to a couple of songs, and then the band is finished.

Nice walk with Dora over to F-i-P and then up it, to fruit shop, and home by 9:15 or so.

Online, fix my tax return and submit again. I'm holding my breath that it doesn't fail again, this time demanding a US ITIN for Dora. It did fail, error message is related to spouse but not clear. Can't put "NRA" in spouse's SSN field. Tried checking the box for "spouse itemizes on separate return", maybe that will get around it. Submitted again.

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